Architect vs Master Builder?

Listened to a very interesting piece earlier this week before we were away for a few days. Fortunately I’d bookmarked it: Building Soul – with Thomas Heatherwick How to Ditch Boring and Humanise Our Cities The overall thrust and message I completely agree with, but as someone who identifies as “Architect” I want to disagree … Continue reading “Architect vs Master Builder?”

We Are As Gods

My first reference to the long-now idea – without referring to The Long Now by name – was this 2005 post about a technical / engineering exercise to create a sign the would physically and meaningfully survive 10,000 years. A sign sited to warn future humans not to accidentally disturb a long-life nuclear waste dump. … Continue reading “We Are As Gods”

Mariana Mazzucato

Bought her latest book “The Value of Everything” on the strength of an excellent short-section of her talk here: Economist @MazzucatoM argues that when we confuse price with value, we end up with a form of capitalism that rewards value extraction activities over value creation, increasing inequality in the process. — The Long … Continue reading “Mariana Mazzucato”


The term Cybernetics tends to be associated with computer control systems and AI these days, but when the term was first coined it was originally about how systems of any kind – social systems – governed themselves. It was back in 2002 I read Jean-Pierre Dupuy’s work on the origins of cognitive science “The Mechanization … Continue reading “Cybernetics”

Compression Loop

Spooky for reasons I can’t quite pin down yet, having picked-up on Compression yesterday, Compression is the initial subject of this Long Now talk from Brian Eno and Will Wright. In retrospect, I think the only connection with Owen Barfield is the mention of the Aeolian Harp as regenerative music. Oh, and receiving a mail … Continue reading “Compression Loop”

Eno meets Barfield

Spookily, after re-making the David Lavery connections in the previous post, and David hosting the Owen Barfield web site, I was checking out EnoWeb and came across this Brian Eno talk (with Will Wright of gaming / sim-city fame). (Part of “The Long Now” project mentioned previously here.) In it Brian mentions the Aeolian Harp, … Continue reading “Eno meets Barfield”

Community of Emergence

Brian Eno speaking on BBC Radio 3, at Hope University, Liverpool Future City of Culture “Free Thinking” series. Nothing new in terms of this blog, but lots of good material, worth a listen. Darwinian optimism. “Scenius” the genius of “the scene” – everyone is smarter than anyone. Emergence from simplicity. Art and politcs. Power of … Continue reading “Community of Emergence”