Assad’s Guilt

I’ve expressed my views on Assad’s chemical weapons specifically and previously on (chemical weapons generally). Even if the recent awful events weren’t caused by Russian supported Syrian forces using chemical weapons – Boris quite carefully suggested absence of any evidence they weren’t – but were collateral damage due to ISIS / rebel or even circumstantial stockpiling … Continue reading “Assad’s Guilt”

Feasibility Paradox

Interesting that the press cynics are taking the line, once they’ve got over the concept that Russia may be sincere, is that securing Syria’s chemical weapons might not be “feasible” anyway. Mad thinking. If it weren’t feasible to locate (most of) them with any (reasonable) certainty, then how would any kind of targeted strike have … Continue reading “Feasibility Paradox”

Beyond Doubt?

Syria continues to be the main story. Glad to see Putin has stepped up to it too. And, confirming Russia is not averse to supporting physical action, with UN processes, provided the case is “beyond doubt”. Not forgetting what may be lost in translation, “beyond doubt” is not realistic, it’s scientistic (*). There needs to … Continue reading “Beyond Doubt?”

Bashing their heads together.

The wisest strategy? Engaging in military attack against Syria to make the point about chemical weapons against civilians being unacceptable behaviour? The risk is hitting the Assad regime hard and giving the advantage to even less desirable terrorist rebels, maybe even allowing the weapons of atrocity to fall into their hands, right? So don’t. Make … Continue reading “Bashing their heads together.”

Sykes-Picot Revisited

Hopefully this is nothing more than coincidental, but history seems to be repeating itself, with France taking Syria more seriously than the Brits again. Old imperialists never die it seems. Probably really just a reflection how weak and unprincipled current UK government and parliament has become – damaged goods thanks to the Thatcher/Reagan & Blair/Bush … Continue reading “Sykes-Picot Revisited”

Benefit of the Doubt

Interesting looking back on Hans Blix words around the time of the Iraq WMD inspections on how it is hard (and political) to know how to apply the “benefit of the doubt” in forensic cases like the Syrian chemical weapons “attack”. I have no doubt chemical weapons were detonated near Syrian civilians . How come? … Continue reading “Benefit of the Doubt”

Getting your pants on.

When I see quotes like this: Chemical weapons attacks have killed dozens of people near Damascus, (Syrian opposition activists claim). I’m reminded of this Churchill quote, (from the days before mass ITC media, remember). “A lie gets halfway around the world, before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” (Hat tip to … Continue reading “Getting your pants on.”