What’s so funny ’bout … #37

Feynman already was inspirational when he was alive, but “The Fantastic Mr Feynman” was an excellent science documentary for a science editor to conclude, as Feynman himself did, that love is more important than science. Ironic that they included that science-101 lecture clip where he emphasises the basic falsification rule of science, that if the experiment … Continue reading “What’s so funny ’bout … #37”

Erich Fromm – “The Art of Loving”

Mentioned in the previous “Reading List” post I was reading Erich Fromm “The Art of Loving” – though have no recollection of exactly how I picked-up the reference. (Help anyone?) [Recently from McGilchrist … Fromm, Scheler, Schelling axis? But Fromm was on my list before McG’s latest.] My recurring “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love … Continue reading “Erich Fromm – “The Art of Loving””

Written Constitution as Rules for Guidance of the Wise?

I’ve been pretty clear that I’m against a written constitution and for greater emphasis on building trust in our politicians, political systems and institutions. (Sumption explained at length his recommendation against.) Listening to Rory Stewart interviewed last night, he makes precisely the opposite recommendation – that we should be concerned about lost trust and should … Continue reading “Written Constitution as Rules for Guidance of the Wise?”

Intelligent Flow by Alan Rayner

Intelligent Flow We remain Caught In a Web of Thought, Dislocated from our natural senses, Which argues the Toss Between Prophet & Loss As to whether Life is Created by Intelligent Designation, Or Abstracted from randomly generated particular According to which best fits Some pre-conceived niche Stuff & Non-sense I say! At this dawn of … Continue reading “Intelligent Flow by Alan Rayner”

BBC R4 Today Presenters’ Views of TFTD

Most of what’s wrong with Today could be fixed by retiring Humphrys IMHO but as an atheist, humanist, rationalist I happen to like Thought for the Day. Ironically it is Humphrys’ view that is closest to mine: “Sometimes it’s good … an interesting thought in a provocative way [but] inappropriate that Today should broadcast nearly three … Continue reading “BBC R4 Today Presenters’ Views of TFTD”

Reductive Choice

I’ve expressed before the underlying belief that Anne Marie Waters heart is in the right place and her actual understanding pretty deep and nuanced … and heartfelt. (Though I was once moved to update that opinion. And again here on “modesty”.) Politics is a dirty business, requiring tough choices guaranteed to “offend” at least half … Continue reading “Reductive Choice”

Extending the Hand of Friendship @cjwerleman

Day job not going so good right now, a little under the weather and dog-tired yesterday, I accidentally deliberately slept in this morning. But, I finished my C J Werleman notes on the tube, stepped out into the sunshine, grabbed a great breakfast at a little cafe I’d not previously noticed between the tube and … Continue reading “Extending the Hand of Friendship @cjwerleman”

We need each other.

I’ve been intending to dive into this Tim Hunt debacle, but the twitter storm is moving too fast for me to get a word in, so this is just a holding post – no extended argument here (yet). Science needs women? Doh! Which century are we in? Which geological period is Hunt in? All human endeavours … Continue reading “We need each other.”