Mapping Vervaeke to Pirsig in Active Inference?

A post from @Kubbaj on The Active Inference Discord Server described as “a combo of Vervaeke, Henriques and Friston” In that “C-B-L-M” axis I couldn’t fail to see a version of Pirsig’s levels of static patterns (of value or quality) – not to mention the participatory / perceptual starting point “into” the system at its … Continue reading “Mapping Vervaeke to Pirsig in Active Inference?”

Active Inference Entrepreneurship

The hype around the Free Energy Principle and Active Inference is mushrooming at an amazing rate. This paper … : Designing Ecosystems of Intelligence from First Principles Karl J Friston, Maxwell J D Ramstead, et al (2 Dec 2022) … has several co-authors associates with VERSES as well as AII and (Wellcome Foundation & UCL). The … Continue reading “Active Inference Entrepreneurship”

Seth is OK

Anil Seth’s Faraday Lecture has generated a fair bit of chat. I was initially a bit too unimpressed, not enough originality – probably turned off previously by his use of “hallucination”. In fact he is synthesising many of the same sources I am. Nothing new under the sun again. ===== Mystery – zzz. Lost under … Continue reading “Seth is OK”

Nick Humphrey and Mark Solms?

Dan Dennett shared this Nick Humphrey lecture at the RI. Nick’s best version by far of his theory of consciousness: the positive side of illusionism, with new lines of evidential support. — Daniel Dennett (@danieldennett) September 23, 2023 I’ve watched once through and notwithstanding clear differences – evolution of warm blooded mammals (environmental independence), … Continue reading “Nick Humphrey and Mark Solms?”

Chris Fields – Physics as Information Processing

I’ve considered the idea of Physics as Information Processing as central to my work for as long as I can remember [As early as Jan 2002 this post on “Quantum Computing” makes reference to information processing as fundamental.]. The last few years, my “Systems Thinking” – thinking of anything as a system, in terms of functional … Continue reading “Chris Fields – Physics as Information Processing”

Matthew West R.I.P.

I heard only today that Matthew West had died yesterday of a brief illness, thanks to a Medium post by Ian Bailey shared on LinkedIn. Matthew’s contribution to my own interest in ontology is kinda baked-in to a lot of my thinking, in the same way that (say) Dennett and Pirsig are, with only a … Continue reading “Matthew West R.I.P.”

Free Energy Principle Explains Consciousness

I’ve already documented my take that there really is no longer any mystery behind consciousness and our conscious (free) will – my simplest single reference being Mark Solms “Hidden Spring”. Surely, massively valuable in its own right to have solved that long-standing human riddle? And, more importantly, it takes away a massive source of confusion … Continue reading “Free Energy Principle Explains Consciousness”

Shedding the Shackles of Determinism

This is a science-journalism article in Quanta Magazine by Philip Ball that covers many of the people and thoughts I’ve been pursuing here in recent years. “A New Idea for How to Assemble Life“ As soon as I saw the title, I asked myself is “assemble” being used here in the same way as “construct” … Continue reading “Shedding the Shackles of Determinism”