Intelligent Flow by Alan Rayner

Intelligent Flow We remain Caught In a Web of Thought, Dislocated from our natural senses, Which argues the Toss Between Prophet & Loss As to whether Life is Created by Intelligent Designation, Or Abstracted from randomly generated particular According to which best fits Some pre-conceived niche Stuff & Non-sense I say! At this dawn of … Continue reading “Intelligent Flow by Alan Rayner”

Alan Rayner’s Inclusional Science

I’ve been communcating with Alan Rayner on and off the Friends of Wisdom e-mail discussion group. I find we have a common understanding on many issues, and Alan is a particularly poetic writer, so a joy to read. Recently he shared copies of his paper “Inlcusional Science – From Artefact to Natural Creativity” (no link … Continue reading “Alan Rayner’s Inclusional Science”

Rayner’s Natural Inclusion in “Occurrity”

There are many many points where my own two decade research and blogging journey has crossed paths since 2006 with naturalist / mycologist Alan Rayner’s conception of Natural Inclusion, specific references to his books, art & poetry, and dialogues related to these. Like so many of us trying to improve on the reductive, deterministic (deadening) … Continue reading “Rayner’s Natural Inclusion in “Occurrity””

Rayner’s Natural Inclusion

Alan Rayner’s “Inclusionality” restated as “Natural Inclusion”. This piece illustrating an integrative and redistributive selection notion of evolution of extended self, as opposed to an eliminative selection of discrete selves, using a mycelium fungus example migrating its center of operations to food … and beyond. This piece elliciting a succinct communication of Alan’s inclusional objectives. … Continue reading “Rayner’s Natural Inclusion”

BlogRolled Over

As a blogger since blogging was invented, I’ve maintained the idea of a blogroll in the side-bar – linking to other bloggers and sources of news and input I read and recommend. It’s long been redundant since all sources provide feeds not just through RSS but primarily via micro-blog channels – aka social media – … Continue reading “BlogRolled Over”

Critiques of Whitehead’s Metaphysics

Just another placeholder post, like the last one from Alan Rayner, this one from Leemon McHenry who, the only time I came across before, was as editor of a collection of articles including Alan Rayner. Anyway this link to a piece reviewing contemporary Critiques of Whitehead’s Metaphysics, including Russell. (Made it pretty clear I’m a … Continue reading “Critiques of Whitehead’s Metaphysics”

Well we never! PoPoMo Physics Again.

I’m reading my way through Carlo Rovelli’s “The Order of Time” (Finished Part 1 of 3) and finding it full of items that resonate. Not least because I already loved his “Reality is Not What it Seems” but also because I have been joining up the dots with the work of David Deutsch and Erik … Continue reading “Well we never! PoPoMo Physics Again.”

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