Science and the Man

Been checking my previous references to “Epstein” but none seem to be the “Jeffrey Epstein”. I checked because it’s quite clear that the (convicted and now dead) billionaire who liked to party and throw his money around to win friends and influence people is clearly “connected” with many science types through Harvard / MIT / … Continue reading “Science and the Man”

Empty Brain – Empty Project

I criticised the Human Brain Project about this time last year, and recently responded to this Aeon piece by Robert Epstein; “The Empty Brain. Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer.” Well actually, of course, I say it does and it is; Your … Continue reading “Empty Brain – Empty Project”

Like Their Style

Social Justice Blog. One of several blogs at IdentityTheory.Com. Here’s a sample. “AIDS has now been around for a quarter of a century, and the U.N. is holding a three-day conference on the virus. A group of 14 nations, led by France, is going to implement an airline tax to help pay for AIDS drugs. … Continue reading “Like Their Style”

Wisdom Research

Tickled me that this “Wisdom Research Network” initiative, associated with the Wisdom Research programme at Chicago University, is now in 2008 called the “Arete Initiative”. Chicago >> Arete >> Pirsig >> Quality >> Values >> Maxwell >> Wisdom >> Rayner >> Inclusionality >> Fluid >> Dynamic Quality … … is it just my mind that works this … Continue reading “Wisdom Research”