Wittgenstein meets Hofstadter in Creative Reality – Gestalt & Imagination

I’ve latched onto the idea of a Gestalt view of the world several times in the recent past, and spent most words describing the idea in a post earlier this year with reference to von Bertalanffy’s Problems of Life. As noted in several other recent posts, I’m reading Ray Monk’s Wittgenstein, the Duty of Genius (DoG) and … Continue reading “Wittgenstein meets Hofstadter in Creative Reality – Gestalt & Imagination”

Humanistic Cybernetics

Hold that thought. I have held the view that Cybernetics (since 1946 Macy Conference) was always primarily about human systems involving the “Psyche” (hence my naming my efforts “Psybertron”) The fact that so much visible effort since then has focussed on automation and control of man made systems and “machines” – the easy bit – … Continue reading “Humanistic Cybernetics”

Levels of Modelling Computation – Distinct but Dependent

Posting during a week’s business trip to China, with the “Great Firewall” constraints on social media and Google services – including no access to any of my email (!) or any TV media. A fascinating visit to Wuhan capital of Wuchang, the home of the original 1911 Chinese revolution and more, but I digress. One of … Continue reading “Levels of Modelling Computation – Distinct but Dependent”

Mind and Body on @BBCStartWeek

I’ve claimed “Evolutionary Psychology” as my topic since I started this blog. Dominant schools of thought have evolved with the human mind, something that’s true for any “belief system” including modern “rational” science. I don’t use the term “Evo-Psych” too much since, like so many ideas named and hijacked by one flavour at one period … Continue reading “Mind and Body on @BBCStartWeek”

Additional “Eastern” Thoughts.

This is a short post to address the additional “eastern” perspective missing from the post note in my previous blog on the London Thinks “How Do We Believe” event. Here on Psybertron, much of the philosophical journey was informed early on by the qualities of Zen / Tao thinking introduced to millions by Robert Pirsig with … Continue reading “Additional “Eastern” Thoughts.”

We Can Be Heroes – for ever and ever – but for now …

Can’t believe how long it is since my last post – but currently buried under a pile of domestic things needing attention, basically a very late-running house improvement project that barely “completed” before Christmas, family Christmas itself, and seeking new paid work since the new year … lots of connected pieces to be picked-up. Lots … Continue reading “We Can Be Heroes – for ever and ever – but for now …”