Kevin Mitchell’s Agency

Agency is the subject of this talk by Kevin Mitchell (Trinity, Dublin) outlining the arguments in his upcoming book “Free Agents – How Evolution Gave Us Free Will” (Oct 4th) – already on order on my book list. Been following and plugging his thinking into mine for a couple of years now, since his previous … Continue reading “Kevin Mitchell’s Agency”

Innate by Kevin Mitchell – Review

Kevin Mitchell (2018) “Innate – How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are” [This repeats and adds to relevant content from an earlier partial review.] Several of the more important books I’ve read recently have felt mostly like syntheses and restatements of things I already felt I knew one way or another – … Continue reading “Innate by Kevin Mitchell – Review”

Innate by Kevin Mitchell

I’ve just taken possession of Kevin Mitchell’s (2018) “Innate – How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are”. No idea why it’s taken me so long to acquire a copy, he’s been on my book list for some time and I’ve been following him for a few years on Twitter – he’s a … Continue reading “Innate by Kevin Mitchell”

Gap between Technical Specialisms & Systems Thinking

Just a quick holding post to capture the link. Hat tip to Kevin Mitchell for sharing this 15 minute “Lightning Talk” by Johannes (Yogi) Jaeger It’s short but I’ve only skimmed first few mins. Already loving it. Don’t know any more about Ronin Community or Vienna Uni Philosophy, but I see Templeton sponsorship. Evolutionary Systems … Continue reading “Gap between Technical Specialisms & Systems Thinking”

Is Dennett an Illusionist?

No, he does not say that “Consciousness is an Illusion”. End of. In a sentence: Dennett’s position is that: Consciousness and conscious will are as real and evolved as anything else in the world. The powerful (useful, but misleading) ILLUSION is the Cartesian theatre / video screen with the homunculus viewer / user as things … Continue reading “Is Dennett an Illusionist?”


Kevin Mitchell and his colleagues at Trinity Dublin recently created and ran an introduction to systems course for their students in multiple disciplines. Last week Kevin posted a comprehensive blog reflecting on the whole process and outcomes. Reflections on Systems – the Science of Everything By Kevin Mitchell – May 22, 2023 There’s plenty of detail of what … Continue reading “Systems-101”

Computing Machines?

[HOLD – Stub only …] Yesterday Philip Ball posted this quip: And today’s demonstration that cells are not machines is… — Philip Ball (@philipcball) February 16, 2023 And then this was liked by Kevin Mitchell: all talk of “AI becoming conscious” is either based on a complete misunderstanding of AI (and consciousness) or pure … Continue reading “Computing Machines?”

Sexual Dimorphism

Capturing this neat summary, NOT for the decade long Sex vs Gender blip of 21st C insanity, but for the millennia old fact that men and women do have archetypically different brains & minds as well as biological bodies. “Vive la Difference” as I keep referring to it. Facts are not normative, everything and anything … Continue reading “Sexual Dimorphism”

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