Krauss Revisited – still haunted by Copernicus?

Preamble: I was left with a pretty negative view of Larry Krauss after his collaborations with Richard Dawkins – “The Unbelievers” (2013) and Dawkins breathless afterword to Krauss “A Universe From Nothing – Why is there something rather than nothing?” (2012) In that recommendation – oft repeated in public sessions since – Dawkins concluded “The … Continue reading “Krauss Revisited – still haunted by Copernicus?”

Larry Krauss BHA Darwin Day 2017 Lecture (from February)

Larry Krauss giving BHA Darwin Day 2017 Lecture (From 10 or 11 Feb, Euston or Camden) [These are just contemporary notes recorded whilst watching the video. Not edited into any coherent piece in sentences.] Dawkins intro too flippant about “something from nothing”. Krauss actually no better than “all things complex from almost nothing”. (Empty space … Continue reading “Larry Krauss BHA Darwin Day 2017 Lecture (from February)”

Physics – Excited about the wrong things? @skdh @alomshaha @jonmbutterworth @LKrauss1

Three recent twitter & facebook items via “Bee” (Sabine Hossenfelder @skdh) that need joining up, together with an older link left hanging – unanswered. (1) The Gravitational Waves story – the betting that we are about to get the announcement that they have actually been detected – subsequent to Larry Krauss’ tweets. Everyone likes to be … Continue reading “Physics – Excited about the wrong things? @skdh @alomshaha @jonmbutterworth @LKrauss1”

Friday I’m In Love @platobooktour @lkrauss1 #bhagoldstein

Continuing through Rebecca Goldstein’s Plato at the Googleplex and finding it sooooo good. In fact I’m loving it. Despite two previous mentions [here][and here], I failed to mention that Larry Krauss is set up as the archetypal scientistic philosophy-(and theology)-jeerer. So, so true, and given the order of events last week – the culmination (so … Continue reading “Friday I’m In Love @platobooktour @lkrauss1 #bhagoldstein”

Question for Mr Krauss @lkrauss1 @TheSkepticMag @ConwayHall @bhahumanists #unbelieversuk

I attended the session organised by The Skeptic Magazine at Conway Hall last night involving Richard Dawkins and Larry Krauss introducing a showing of their film “The Unbelievers”. Having already seen the film, I was able to hear Michael Sandel at an earlier event, and arrive at the Dawkins / Krauss event during the break … Continue reading “Question for Mr Krauss @lkrauss1 @TheSkepticMag @ConwayHall @bhahumanists #unbelieversuk”

The Unbelievers @LKrauss1

Disappointing. No secret I find Krauss & Dawkins too simplistic (reductionist scientistic) when it comes to their idea of “rational” arguments against theists or the otherwise religious. But, having bought and viewed the DVD of The Unbelievers, I was baffled how little content there was in this fairly short documentary film, and what content there … Continue reading “The Unbelievers @LKrauss1”

And more #geocentrism @IRaiseUFacts @LKrauss1

In addition to the 2006 references below, there are more later even better observations. For example, “Does the motion of the solar system affect the microwave sky?” Rick Ryals adds on Facebook: There have been a number of scientific papers written that derive the same results… … yet look at them now, they act like … Continue reading “And more #geocentrism @IRaiseUFacts @LKrauss1”