BP Macondo Report Final Update

I kept close watch on the earlier reports, so here adding the link to the final report from 16th September 2011. Herewith [almost] the entire summary: The Events At approximately 9:50 p.m. on the evening of April 20, 2010, while the crew of the Deepwater Horizon rig was finishing work after drilling the Macondo exploratory … Continue reading “BP Macondo Report Final Update”

Macondo “Permitorium”

Listening to a presentation from the International Association of Drilling Contractors on the Macondo fall-out. Demands for containment resources x00% x max spill potential available on site or within x hours are being used to reject permits to deep water drill since the moratorium ended in October. A little bit “no spill ever again” level … Continue reading “Macondo “Permitorium””

The Full Macondo

And now the full and final commission report to the president on the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, including the Chapter 4 on the blow-out failure itself, reviewed previously. Finally, to the American people, we reiterate that extracting the energy resources to¬†fuel our cars, heat and light our homes, and power our businesses can be a … Continue reading “The Full Macondo”

More on Macondo

I’ve now had time to read the whole US Commission report on the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico – the discussion sections that I’d not read earlier, in order not to be influenced, when I published my initial conclusions. It is ever clearer. “Most, if not all, of the failures at … Continue reading “More on Macondo”

Human Story of #DeepwaterHorizon @DWHmovie

I hadn’t spotted¬†this film project in the pipeline, but I took a keen interest in the decision-making trail that preceeded the Macondo blow-out …. and the individual human heroism of the last few close to the final moments of the disaster. As Mishal Hussein says on @BBCR4Today interviewing Mark Williams, last man out alive, the … Continue reading “Human Story of #DeepwaterHorizon @DWHmovie”

Parallel Decision Making

Can’t help seeing parallels between NotW Phone Hacking (#hackgate) affair and the BP Macondo disaster. It’s about management communications. Clearly multiple layers of management are there to share the load, not to communicate upwards (beyond reporting) every piece of information and decision with which they are involved. They are employed to “deal with it”, and … Continue reading “Parallel Decision Making”

Managing Complexity

Been a trend in the day job to look at complexity as a subject in itself. Whether Oil&Gas or Nuclear Power, the systems view seems to acknowledge complexity as an explicit variable to be addressed. Thanks to David Gurteen for the link to this piece by Nick Milton – knowledge management, whatever you believe that … Continue reading “Managing Complexity”

The BP Commission Report

Still digesting this … They were operating on well-known and understood tight margins on pressure balance ever since the incident during partial drilling by the earlier rig, and right through completion of the drilling to the final “primary” cement job. That balance was always between too little (mud, pressure, cement, etc) failing to control the … Continue reading “The BP Commission Report”