Information Theoretic Marletto

I’ve been following Deutsch and Marletto for over a decade, and had the pleasure of talking with Chiara Marletto over lunch at a How The Light Gets In event in Hay on Wye in 2016. This interview from a few months ago, Dec 2020, is excellent because she is simply allowed to talk and describe … Continue reading “Information Theoretic Marletto”

Patterns of Behaviour

A recurring mention of mine is that “I am in writing mode” – deliberately avoiding reading new publications, even where it will obviously be relevant to my writings – everything is connected at some level of abstraction after all. I acknowledged this state existed “in theory anyway” when failing and reading a couple things in … Continue reading “Patterns of Behaviour”

Deutsch Optimism & Systems Thinking

Just a brief holding post to tie up a couple of incomplete conversations. I’m a fan of David Deutsch generally, and specifically recently his thoughts on optimism fleshed out by his Constructor Theory with Chiara Marletto. He’s posted a few talks and articles recently specifically on what he means by optimism, including this one at … Continue reading “Deutsch Optimism & Systems Thinking”

Shedding the Shackles of Determinism

This is a science-journalism article in Quanta Magazine by Philip Ball that covers many of the people and thoughts I’ve been pursuing here in recent years. “A New Idea for How to Assemble Life“ As soon as I saw the title, I asked myself is “assemble” being used here in the same way as “construct” … Continue reading “Shedding the Shackles of Determinism”

The Information Ontology Metaphysics

[Work in Progress – Draft will be edited without notification.] [Feedback appreciated on the “See / Refs” – where more are needed? Meantime all those indicated will be elaborated and worked into the text. And obviously on the intelligibility of the text so far. Drafting arose out of the “Three Essays” post, particularly “Algorithms for Humans” and … Continue reading “The Information Ontology Metaphysics”

Dave Snowden and Mike Jackson

I saw the excellent Dave Snowden speaking at the Annual Mike Jackson lecture at Hull University yesterday evening. [Post Note: The recording now available here.] [Post Note: This post is the start of a conversation in that continues here and again here, in 2024] Excellent in every way – Dave’s presentation and his conversation with … Continue reading “Dave Snowden and Mike Jackson”

Deutsch Optimism

I hold David Deutsch to be one of the smartest thinkers I know. Deutsch over Rovelli and Carroll “Experience the thrill of the highest level of discourse available on the planet.” Certainly his two books – “The Fabric of Reality” and “The Beginning of Infinity” made huge and permanent impressions. Also his constructor theory – … Continue reading “Deutsch Optimism”

Open-Endedness in Applied Systems Thinking

The EEM Institute – “Institute for Augmented Intelligence in Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Management” is the evolved public face of the (Russian) Systems Management School, where Systems Thinking is now one of the courses under the EEMI. “Open-Endedness” is an aspect of the wider curriculum at EEMI and below are the slides and a recording of … Continue reading “Open-Endedness in Applied Systems Thinking”