Matthew West R.I.P.

I heard only today that Matthew West had died yesterday of a brief illness, thanks to a Medium post by Ian Bailey shared on LinkedIn. Matthew’s contribution to my own interest in ontology is kinda baked-in to a lot of my thinking, in the same way that (say) Dennett and Pirsig are, with only a … Continue reading “Matthew West R.I.P.”

Is Dennett an Illusionist?

No, he does not say that “Consciousness is an Illusion”. End of. In a sentence: Dennett’s position is that: Consciousness and conscious will are as real and evolved as anything else in the world. The powerful (useful, but misleading) ILLUSION is the Cartesian theatre / video screen with the homunculus viewer / user as things … Continue reading “Is Dennett an Illusionist?”

Systems – Work(s) in Progress

I gave a talk to the ISSS last weekend. Public link to PDF of the ISSTalk Slides here. Members link to the recording here (November 19, 2022). I postponed an “in conversation” session with Anatoly Levenchuk at the Russian EEMI from the previous week until early new year. I made several references to EEMI and … Continue reading “Systems – Work(s) in Progress”

Don’t Panic Captain Mainwaring #COP26

Pointing out that hypocrisy has become the standard of all political discourse rather than addressing substantive content. Great post from Jamie Bartlett earlier today: Political argument is becoming one & tedious effort to identify hypocrisy in your opponents’ behaviour, in order than you can comfortably ignore anything useful they say. Gets us nowhere. — Jamie … Continue reading “Don’t Panic Captain Mainwaring #COP26”

It’s Evolutionary Psychology Stupid

(Editorial Note : This paper was originally prepared for the 2005 Liverpool Conference on Robert Pirsig and his Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ). It is a personal non-technical view of the MoQ, and indeed the first part of paper is an entirely subjective and naive account of the author’s “thought journey” that led to reading Pirsig … Continue reading “It’s Evolutionary Psychology Stupid”

Jean-Luc Delatre

Jean-Luc Delatre – Only just discovered this site, following some feedback from Jean-Luc. An interesting mix of Tao (Zen) thought with epistemology and ontologies. It seems Jean-Luc has been venting his frustration with the ontology approach at SUO / SUMO, where he has crossed swords with fellow conspirator at EPISTLE, Matthew West.

Received Wisdom

A thread starter: One recurring theme of mine is stuff that looks like conspiracy to conspiracy theorists – the coast guy, anyone – is a symptom of having no model or accepted language to account for a felt problem. With the received wisdom of western, objective (scientific) rationality in the dominant culture – feelings don’t … Continue reading “Received Wisdom”