Muscle Shoals – The Movie #2

The Muscle Shoals Music Foundation has involved the actual participants and interests from all sides of the Muscle Shoals story. Their achievement in making Muscle Shoals The Movie, makes it clear that the common success under the drive of Rick “it was war at the time” Hall far outweigh any differences. In fact seeing the movie on DVD, the differences already … Continue reading “Muscle Shoals – The Movie #2”

Muscle Shoals – The Movie #1

Great to see the results of getting this story together. [Post Note : later full review here.] At one point “it was war”, but all the time “you’re in rock and roll heaven, man”. Previous posts, expressing concern that the whole story wasn’t really out there, [here] and [here] are consigned to history. Great result. … Continue reading “Muscle Shoals – The Movie #1”

Muscle Shoals Music Foundation

Open letter to Rodney Hall (of FAME Studios and Muscle Shoals Music Foundation). [Post Note : GREAT NEWS Rodney confirms in his response to this letter on the MSSS Facebook page – copied and inserted as a comment below – that the new MSM Foundation really does seem to have the blessing of all existing parties, … Continue reading “Muscle Shoals Music Foundation”

Old News – Muscle Shoals

Stumbled across news from 8 to 24 months ago, thanks to a hit on this page. Tickled to come across Noel Webster refurbishing the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios (3614 Jackson Highway) back when we were living nearby in Alabama. He was in the process of protecting the heritage of the name and the studios … Continue reading “Old News – Muscle Shoals”

Muscle Shoals’ Place in Music History

The four cities of Florence, Sheffield, Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals are grouped together a few miles downstream from where we are here at Huntsville / Madison on the Tennessee River in Alabama. In their “Sweet Home Alabama” Lynyrd Skynyrd pointed out that in “Muscle Shoals they have The Swampers” and here’s what they were on about … Continue reading “Muscle Shoals’ Place in Music History”

Trail Of Tears

Updated my gallery with some photos taken at yesterday’s “Trail of Tears” motorcycle rally, (some 10,000 bikes, up to 200 per minute for almost an hour) which follows part of the route from Ross Landing (in Chattanooga, TN) to Waterloo (beyond Florence, AL), taken in 1838 by Cherokee Indians en route to being deported the … Continue reading “Trail Of Tears”