Deutsch Optimism & Systems Thinking

Just a brief holding post to tie up a couple of incomplete conversations. I’m a fan of David Deutsch generally, and specifically recently his thoughts on optimism fleshed out by his Constructor Theory with Chiara Marletto. He’s posted a few talks and articles recently specifically on what he means by optimism, including this one at … Continue reading “Deutsch Optimism & Systems Thinking”

Deutsch Optimism

I hold David Deutsch to be one of the smartest thinkers I know. Deutsch over Rovelli and Carroll “Experience the thrill of the highest level of discourse available on the planet.” Certainly his two books – “The Fabric of Reality” and “The Beginning of Infinity” made huge and permanent impressions. Also his constructor theory – … Continue reading “Deutsch Optimism”

Trans “Debate” Optimism

Promised myself I wouldn’t post anymore about the “TERF War” since it seemed that at last common sense was starting to prevail, and I could shift my attention to the wider issues of identity politics in philosophy and science (and hence “science-led” politics) generally. ie There’s an even bigger issue than the “TERF War” even … Continue reading “Trans “Debate” Optimism”

“The Beginning of Infinity” – an injection of optimism.

After an enforced hiatus, I’m picking up on my reading list, specifically continuing David Deutsch’s “Beginning of Infinity” to completion. It remains very good, maybe my previous “highest level of discourse available on the planet” is overstating it, (and previously here) but still very good. The target chapter – the reason for reading – was … Continue reading ““The Beginning of Infinity” – an injection of optimism.”


Cognitive Dissonance its normally called – when new information doesn’t fit existing perceived (pre-conceived) patterns, and is therefore not received. Useful trait in fact, as the article agrees. We all need a working model – yes it’s contingent, but it has to be more stable than simply reacting to every piece of information in real … Continue reading “Optimism”

Attention as a Moral Act

Progress on Priorities A strangely productive week since my previous “Resolution” post – I’m obviously focussed on the right priorities at last. Namely getting my “technical content” better organised for review. Started using free versions of and – posting some of my key (older and/or half-drafted pages and pdf’s – mostly just testing … Continue reading “Attention as a Moral Act”

Bronowski’s “Ascent of Man”

I’ve made reference, and noted others doing the same, to Dr Jacob Bronowski’s 1973 BBC TV series “The Ascent of Man”. As a 17 year old I was already doing the sciences for A-level and intending to do engineering at Uni, but tremendously influential on the history and evolution of science and humanity. Interesting right … Continue reading “Bronowski’s “Ascent of Man””

Long Friston Interview

This Karl Friston interview is long and wandering (almost 4 hours!) and a bit distorted by the somewhat affected (?) naïve “Theory of Everything” – everything including the kitchen sink – agenda of interviewer Curt Jaimungal, but anyway … some very rough mental notes: Deflationary view – hooray. The very point. Using / understanding general … Continue reading “Long Friston Interview”