Nick Humphrey and Mark Solms?

Dan Dennett shared this Nick Humphrey lecture at the RI. Nick’s best version by far of his theory of consciousness: the positive side of illusionism, with new lines of evidential support. — Daniel Dennett (@danieldennett) September 23, 2023 I’ve watched once through and notwithstanding clear differences – evolution of warm blooded mammals (environmental independence), … Continue reading “Nick Humphrey and Mark Solms?”

Chris Fields talks with Mark Solms

Chris Fields and Mark Solms clearly seem to be aware of each other’s work even if this is the first time they’ve communicated. As the tweet says it’s a very informal chat facilitated by Mike Levin (interesting Tufts connection with Dan Dennett in my context.) Here is an informal conversation I had this week with … Continue reading “Chris Fields talks with Mark Solms”

Solms and Harari on the Future of Humanity

Made no secret of the fact that I was never very impressed with Yuval Harari’s take on consciousness – what it is and how it functions – so was a little sceptical linking to this discussion facilitated by Indonesian blogger / you-tuber Gita Wirjawan. In terms of biological brains and minds, my trajectory has been … Continue reading “Solms and Harari on the Future of Humanity”

The Hidden Spring of Mark Solms

I’ve had Mark Solms (2021) book “The Hidden Spring – A Journey to the Source of Consciousness” since April last year. [Post Note: Final round-up of reading “The Hidden Spring” here. Many more references to Solms since.] Finding lots of content I recognised (eg. a major dependence on Jaak Panksepp and life as “homeostasis” – … Continue reading “The Hidden Spring of Mark Solms”

Attention as a Moral Act

Progress on Priorities A strangely productive week since my previous “Resolution” post – I’m obviously focussed on the right priorities at last. Namely getting my “technical content” better organised for review. Started using free versions of and – posting some of my key (older and/or half-drafted pages and pdf’s – mostly just testing … Continue reading “Attention as a Moral Act”

Freethought Project

(Just a holding page for content starting Nov 2023 on establishing a properly skeptical freethought environment. Note a page, not a post, and no public link yet.) My (relevant) bio: Born 1956 / raised NE England – Cultural Christian (naïve atheist) from childhood. Humanist from age 22/23 (Humanist wedding aged 25 in 1981, etc.) 45+ … Continue reading “Freethought Project”

The Illusion of Dennett’s Illusion – Again.

That damn meme again. “Dennett denies consciousness”. No he doesn’t. (I already part reviewed Dennett’s memoir recently and added links to a few other sympathetic reviews which all naturally included summaries of his important works. Apart from one footnote of my own on a reconciliation of his physicalist determinist compatibilism with informational subjective pan-proto-psychism (*), … Continue reading “The Illusion of Dennett’s Illusion – Again.”

Snowden and McGilchrist

Last couple of days – Sarah Freiesleben – “Shaping Human Centered Progress” – posted a recommendation on LinkedIn for the thinking of Iain McGilchrist (of whom I’m a big fan, as you know) and it drew a lot of flak in reaction to the old left-right-brained-people suggestion (though of course she never actually said that). Dave … Continue reading “Snowden and McGilchrist”