Deutsch Optimism & Systems Thinking

Just a brief holding post to tie up a couple of incomplete conversations. I’m a fan of David Deutsch generally, and specifically recently his thoughts on optimism fleshed out by his Constructor Theory with Chiara Marletto. He’s posted a few talks and articles recently specifically on what he means by optimism, including this one at … Continue reading “Deutsch Optimism & Systems Thinking”

Gap between Technical Specialisms & Systems Thinking

Just a quick holding post to capture the link. Hat tip to Kevin Mitchell for sharing this 15 minute “Lightning Talk” by Johannes (Yogi) Jaeger It’s short but I’ve only skimmed first few mins. Already loving it. Don’t know any more about Ronin Community or Vienna Uni Philosophy, but I see Templeton sponsorship. Evolutionary Systems … Continue reading “Gap between Technical Specialisms & Systems Thinking”

Open-Endedness in Applied Systems Thinking

The EEM Institute – “Institute for Augmented Intelligence in Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Management” is the evolved public face of the (Russian) Systems Management School, where Systems Thinking is now one of the courses under the EEMI. “Open-Endedness” is an aspect of the wider curriculum at EEMI and below are the slides and a recording of … Continue reading “Open-Endedness in Applied Systems Thinking”

“Definition as a Coffin” – Cybernetics to Systems Thinking

Definition as a Coffin? “Hold your definition” is a plea by philosopher Daniel Dennett, often cited here on Psybertron, when dealing patiently with his scientific friends. Any discourse that starts with apparently clear definitions, manipulated solely by logic, is inherently limited by the fit between the history of those definitions and future of reality. At … Continue reading ““Definition as a Coffin” – Cybernetics to Systems Thinking”

Systems Engineering / Systems Thinking

I’ve mentioned many times the morphing definition & understanding of my own Psybertron agenda. Cybernetics in a word (*). Cybernetics as in governance – kybernetes– human systems of organisation, systems which include all the processes of collective decision-making and action, involving understanding and application of all aspects of knowledge, resources and power – the art … Continue reading “Systems Engineering / Systems Thinking”

The Way of Systems

“The Way of Systems” is not a phrase I would choose. Religious connotations of “the way” seem unnecessary baggage to lead with, even though I clearly see universal value in systems thinking. But nevertheless, whenever one is looking to improve on the “orthodox scientism” of western rationality all roads have led back to eastern (oriental … Continue reading “The Way of Systems”

What Am I Thinking?

Thinking about an upcoming dialogue, I thought I’d compose a brief outline of what I’m about in 2023. A conversation starter. I’m doing “Systems Thinking”. For 20+ years, I would have called it “Cybernetics” by which I mean the original sense of the term – how humans as living things decide and govern ourselves for … Continue reading “What Am I Thinking?”

Systems – Work(s) in Progress

I gave a talk to the ISSS last weekend. Public link to PDF of the ISSTalk Slides here. Members link to the recording here (November 19, 2022). I postponed an “in conversation” session with Anatoly Levenchuk at the Russian EEMI from the previous week until early new year. I made several references to EEMI and … Continue reading “Systems – Work(s) in Progress”