Being Constructive about Climate and Environment

I’ve been pretty clear that I reject a lot of what Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion do with their environmental climate emergency agendas. And I’m not coy about the fact a large part of my working life has been in or related to fossil-fuel and plastics businesses – my Dad worked for ICI too. But, I … Continue reading “Being Constructive about Climate and Environment”

Climate Change Wisdom

George Monbiot lamenting that mainstream media is still failing to recognise the reality of climate change and that real life has already moved-on to adopting significant changes in behaviour is pulled-up by Nick Maxwell. It’s not just “cultural amnesia”. Nick’s letter in the Grauniad points out that whilst academic institutions are commercial knowledge machines they are … Continue reading “Climate Change Wisdom”

Climate Change Latest

Good to hear the latest climate change publication – heavily vetted and verified before publication. My position remains totally unchanged – Anthropogenic Global Warming is common sense, so anything we can do to minimise our negative impact on the cosmos the better, so recycle, reuse, minimising resource waste, minimising energy degradation, etc is good – … Continue reading “Climate Change Latest”

Climate Change Denial ?

Talking of healthy debate, the AGW debate is a debate – a debate about what to do for the best hopefully, rather than a debate about whether it’s “science” and whether it’s “proven” – I refer to my previous post – what a waste. George Monbiot has been blogging on the recent backlash, so I’m … Continue reading “Climate Change Denial ?”

Measured Testimony

Watched the famous 15 minutes of Carl Sagan’s 1985 testimony to US Congress on the Greenhouse Gases effect of Global Warming / Climate Change. Everything is there from ~40 years ago – well calibrated evidence by concensus – and we see Al Gore, of later “Inconvenient Truth” fame, listening intently. I would maintain that the … Continue reading “Measured Testimony”

Rory Stewart – Realising the Future.

I  mentioned Rory Stewart just yesterday for his foreword to one of my library of unread books. What I hadn’t noticed until yesterday was he’d been one of the virtual guests at “Realisation2023“. I’ve almost attended Realisation a couple of times now – a mixture of conference and retreat, with a focus on … reinventing … Continue reading “Rory Stewart – Realising the Future.”

Vive La Difference 2023

Mentioned in the previous post I’d been re-reading / re-viewing Dan Dennett content since, as ever, I found myself defending what he really believes about human consciousness against those that dismiss him as some kind of illusionist, compatibilist, denialist. He’s actually an evolutionary systems-thinking realist like the best of us. There’s some determination amongst popular … Continue reading “Vive La Difference 2023”

Is Dennett an Illusionist?

No, he does not say that “Consciousness is an Illusion”. End of. In a sentence: Dennett’s position is that: Consciousness and conscious will are as real and evolved as anything else in the world. The powerful (useful, but misleading) ILLUSION is the Cartesian theatre / video screen with the homunculus viewer / user as things … Continue reading “Is Dennett an Illusionist?”