The Denial of Dennett’s Consciousness

[I’ve now reviewed this thread in reasonable detail and have some additional conclusions:] The Consciousness Deniers 13 March 2018 – Galen Strawson Magic, Illusions, and Zombies Rebuttal – Undated – Dan Dennett With Reply 3 April 2018 – Galen Strawson I recall seeing the original consciousness deniers piece by Strawson, but not really taking it … Continue reading “The Denial of Dennett’s Consciousness”

“The Denial” of Consciousness

I’ve been referring to those that insist that our subjective conscious mind cannot be real, because – by definition – their objective science is unable to explain it, as deniers since I first wrote on Searle, back here in 2005. Since then I’ve been like a cracked record on consciousness denial. This week Galen Strawson … Continue reading ““The Denial” of Consciousness”

Searle in Denial ?

I’ve now read about 40% of Searle’s “Mind”. For most of the first third he is outlining Philosophy of Mind issues, mainly stemming from Descartes (and other disasters, as he puts it). He outlines the classic mind / matter problems, the standard refutations, and his arguments against the refutations and alternatives. I found myself screaming … Continue reading “Searle in Denial ?”

A Great Loss to the World – #RIPDanDennett

I almost said great loss to the intellectual world – but his intellect is indeed a loss to the whole world. I last communicated with Dan only three weeks ago, about the fact he was planning to be attending this year’s “How The Light Gets In” only by telepresence. For various multiple conference priority reasons, … Continue reading “A Great Loss to the World – #RIPDanDennett”

The Limits to Science?

Preamble? How do I come to be writing this post right now? See the Background “Postamble” at the bottom if necessary 😉 Straight Down to Business: [START] The Assertion – In one Sentence – There are limits to science in the sense that some aspects of the world are beyond science. (Or alternative prior statements … Continue reading “The Limits to Science?”

The Illusion of Dennett’s Illusion – Again.

That damn meme again. “Dennett denies consciousness”. No he doesn’t. (I already part reviewed Dennett’s memoir recently and added links to a few other sympathetic reviews which all naturally included summaries of his important works. Apart from one footnote of my own on a reconciliation of his physicalist determinist compatibilism with informational subjective pan-proto-psychism (*), … Continue reading “The Illusion of Dennett’s Illusion – Again.”

Vive La Difference 2023

Mentioned in the previous post I’d been re-reading / re-viewing Dan Dennett content since, as ever, I found myself defending what he really believes about human consciousness against those that dismiss him as some kind of illusionist, compatibilist, denialist. He’s actually an evolutionary systems-thinking realist like the best of us. There’s some determination amongst popular … Continue reading “Vive La Difference 2023”