Eagleton’s Latest

Reading Terry Eagleton’s Culture and the Death of God (2014) Only read the first chapter The Limits of Enlightenment, but already finding lots of interest. In fact the style despite his usual sardonic wit is more academic paper (based on what was originally a lecture) with lots of referenced quotes to make his arguments. A … Continue reading “Eagleton’s Latest”

Eagleton Quotes

In no particular order, just to share the passion and power of expression. The idea …. that Islamic radicals are envious of western freedoms is about as convincing as the suggestion that they are secretly hankering to sit in cafes smoking dope and reading Gilles Deleuze. A small cabal of dogmatists occupied the white house … Continue reading “Eagleton Quotes”

Terry Eagleton

Just read my first Terry Eagleton prompted by the Laurie Taylor interview referred to by Sam, and a number of earlier references on MoQ Discuss. First “The Meaning of Life” followed immediately by “Reason, Faith and Revolution” In the former, his Alexei Sayle-esque stand-up routine targets every variant of the use of the words meaning and … Continue reading “Terry Eagleton”

Laurie Taylor interviews Eagleton

Thanks to Sam for this link to this Terry Eagleton interview by Laurie Taylor in the New Humanist. Pretty sure I have this original link to Eagleton’s review of The God Delusion, but just in case. Great interview anyway. Several points to pick-up on … the inevitability of progress Eagleton referring to Dawkins beliefs. The … Continue reading “Laurie Taylor interviews Eagleton”

Playlist of listening & reading

Stocking up a few links I need to follow up: This letter-based “friendly disagreement”  between Massimo Pigliucci and David Sloan (DS) Wilson on group / individual, bio / cultural evolution. I am more with the latter on a first skim, but I need to read more thoroughly. This video interview of Bernardo Kastrup by John … Continue reading “Playlist of listening & reading”

Humanism Really is an Organised Religion

Humanism really is an organised religion, which is no bad thing. With any luck, an enlightened one. [Placeholder] ===== pic.twitter.com/H6cDPQoCNE ” St Atheist 🌈🇦🇺 (@StaunchA) April 10, 2018 Mockery is not a good look, but many a true word spoken in jest – growing-up / twice-born / enlightened. And this thread for inspiration seed-crystal: .@lindsayvandijk … Continue reading “Humanism Really is an Organised Religion”

How The Light Gets In 2016 #htlgi2016

At Hay on Wye HTLGI festival again for the final weekend: My late arrival and changes to programme meant Friday pm didn’t quite go according to my pre-planning, but got to see and hear; Denis Noble, Anne Bowcock and Rupert Sheldrake chaired by David Malone, talking on the promissory hype of the Human Genome project … Continue reading “How The Light Gets In 2016 #htlgi2016”

John Gray – Master of Puppets

John Gray is one of those philosopher / social commentators that has been dawning on me slowly. Positive mentions since 2008, and that was a link to a “Straw Dogs” post from 2005, and again in 2009 with “Gray’s Anatomy”. Increasingly frequent notices of Guardian pieces picked from social media – including this recent long read … Continue reading “John Gray – Master of Puppets”