Love puts the “catholicus” in Catholic. @godless_mom @almostorthodoxy

There’s a research avenue I keep mentioning but still haven’t followed-up closely; that of “intellectuals” adopting Catholicism late in life. Some kind of dawning of “wisdom”. I think I last mentioned it when I (again) noticed this Francis Bacon quote in Nick Spencer’s book: “a little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth … Continue reading “Love puts the “catholicus” in Catholic. @godless_mom @almostorthodoxy”

C S Lewis and other idiots?

Just a holding post of related links: Recurring theme of mine – very smart, highly rational people converting to christian religion, even catholicism, as they grow older and wiser. Triple-first C S Lewis, Marshall McLuhan, inklings etc. This piece on losing faith in experts includes a reference to C S Lewis Screwtape Letters. (Hat tip … Continue reading “C S Lewis and other idiots?”

Galileo’s Middle Finger by Alice Dreger – A Preview

As promised, I’ve obtained and started reading Alice Dreger’s recent (2015) personal account of mis-directed politics both in science and in its place in society. Clearly very much within my own agenda, so as I often do, I like to post a preview of my first impressions and (my own) prejudices, it ensures any eventual … Continue reading “Galileo’s Middle Finger by Alice Dreger – A Preview”

Atheists, the Origin of the Species #TheosSheldrake @Theosthinktank

Had an interesting evening Thursday, listening to Rupert Sheldrake (again) at Theos, the Christian religious think-tank (for the first time), and having the opportunity to question and talk with him and with other Theos members. Also acquired a copy of Nick Spencer’s “Atheists, the Origin of the Species“; more on which later. [Post Note : Full … Continue reading “Atheists, the Origin of the Species #TheosSheldrake @Theosthinktank”

Anne Marie Waters – Conviction politician talks sense.

Ann Marie Waters, ex board member of the National Secular Society (NSS) and ex left-wing Labour politician, added to her outspoken non-PC infamy when she recently announced joining UKIP as a prospective candidate in the upcoming UK parliamentary election. What’s that all about? How does a “left-wing-to-her-soul” – “ex-Irish-catholic, culturally-British-Christian, lesbian, feminist, freedom-and-equality-rights-activist” – follow … Continue reading “Anne Marie Waters – Conviction politician talks sense.”


This i-Squared event is also a Google+ debate on the Balotelli quote “Football has been too tolerant of racism“. I’m going to disagree. It’s not racism, it’s culturally engrained “otherism”. The lack of respect engendered by seeing the rest of your world as other. Rival football fans are simply an ideal place to see the … Continue reading “Otherism”

(Alfred) Joyce Kilmer

Another to add to the intriguing list of intellectuals converting to catholicism. Most famous for his much parodied “Trees”, but an interesting if brief life. I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. Picked-up on Kilmer because of this quote of the subsequent couplet … A tree whose hungry mouth is … Continue reading “(Alfred) Joyce Kilmer”