Memetics – The Objectification Objection

I use memes / memetics as everyday language that fits with everyday social-mediated comms these days. How much #Brexit debate for example is about snappy branding of alternative solutions to the mess we’re in whether they are Unicorns or Norway models? How much smear or rhetorical marketing is involved in alt-naming of just about anything, … Continue reading “Memetics – The Objectification Objection”

What happened in Sweden last night? Memetics won.

What actually happened was Trump watched a “fake” news item on Fox. Sure Sweden has taken a lot of refugees and immigrants displaced from Islamic cultures, Sure it has it’s share of problems, and surely Islam has it’s own share too. Don’t we all? But rather than “last night”, the news story was a misrepresentation … Continue reading “What happened in Sweden last night? Memetics won.”

Memetics – the real bogeyman?

Frankie Boyle sums it up nicely most recently here, most magnificently here: “it’s difficult to explain why an ingrained assumption is wrong in a soundbite” Contrasted with Margaret Beckett patiently explaining the labour party review of its post-Ed-defeat policy problems on BBC R4 Today – resisting the demand for a single “thing” to “blame”. The point … Continue reading “Memetics – the real bogeyman?”

Memetic problem acknowledged by the mainstream @BBCr4Today #memeticproblem

Just a quickie. A story on BBC R4 Today this morning. These recent photos of parliament showing empty and full houses for different debates, circulating on social media and used to suggest how badly MP’s see their priorities. They’re fake. No shit Sherlock?!? Some discussion about how social media readers are less critical in their … Continue reading “Memetic problem acknowledged by the mainstream @BBCr4Today #memeticproblem”

Memetic “Flocking Behaviour”

Transparency is the current buzzword as the masses clamour for maximum communication of everything, nothing being “secret”, but the downside of everything being communicated to everybody by the most immediate un-mediated means is what I’ve always called the memetic problem: The message gets simplisticated to the easiest to communicate and understand – comfortable and familiar … Continue reading “Memetic “Flocking Behaviour””

Project Management Memetics

Leon sent me a link to this paper a couple of years ago, to which I responded “interesting” – he knows I’m interested in memes. I didn’t actually read beyond the title until today. The essence of memes is that there is something “self-serving” about patterns of information (*1) which is independent of any rationally … Continue reading “Project Management Memetics”


Or even plain old post-autistic-rationality. I keep using the “scientific” meme in scare quotes … the idea that being hyper-rational, fundamentally-objectivist … the meme of using entirely deterministic and reductionist scientific arguments and logical induction … cannot be the basis of a high quality explanation in all but the simplest “scientific” context. (Every debate of … Continue reading “Post-Autistic-Memetics”