Ireland dumps PZ Myers

Post from Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland, disowning any association with PZ Myers. (Hat tip to @AMDWaters) I’ve had my run-ins with PZ Myers via his Pharyngula blog several times in the past often, if you look at the links, trying to give the positive benefit of the doubt that the rhetoric is worse than … Continue reading “Ireland dumps PZ Myers”

Invoking Godwin’s Law Too Soon? Maybe.

Last week, on BBC This Week, Jonathan Powell ex PM Blair’s Chief of Staff did the round up of the week (intro from about 7 mins in) and was thoroughly bludgeoned for his efforts by Andrew Neil in his own inimitable and entirely effective way. Several people re-tweeted Neil’s performance approvingly. I’m a big fan. … Continue reading “Invoking Godwin’s Law Too Soon? Maybe.”

And Another Thing …

“Hold that thought” quickie post only … Autism – Greta Thunberg case adds to the list of scientism driven by autism. Previous example is Chris Packham, but it’s a general issue historically with scientism and autistic economics and politics. People who are proud of their autism – which is fine as individual differences and contributions … Continue reading “And Another Thing …”

Down With This Sort of Thing

The environmental impact of Anthropogenic Climate Change is the biggest problem facing humanity, because it is the greatest consequence of humanity’s greatest failure. Our existential crisis. There is no Planet B. Don’t know about you, but until someone glued themselves to a DLR train this morning I’d never heard of global warming. — (((Dan Hodges))) … Continue reading “Down With This Sort of Thing”

Reclaiming “Normal”?

It’s been a long time coming, and even now I’m having second thoughts writing this, but what is “normal”? Current context is LGBTI+ debates, especially around school curricula being cramped by those of dogmatic faith. Woman on Radio 4 just now talking about the schools gay lessons row insisting that she isn’t homophobic but saying … Continue reading “Reclaiming “Normal”?”

Progress in Dialogue Again – Helen Lewis and Jordan Peterson

Helen Lewis conducted a long interview with Jordan Peterson for GQ Magazine and a 100 minute version is up on YouTube. The set-up is journalist “versus” controversial public person – “interrogates” them in a “dissection of masculinity” – was exploited by GQ, whatever Lewis’ own feminist agenda. Explicitly adversarial. (Lots of people commenting on the … Continue reading “Progress in Dialogue Again – Helen Lewis and Jordan Peterson”

The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media

There are lots of problems with social media, blamed for so much fake news and the like, undermining everyday politics one way or another. I’ve been warning about parts of the problem for almost two decades, as a memetic phenomenon, and in the last couple of years – aside from the explicitly political commentaries – … Continue reading “The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media”

The Boris Burqa Brouhaha

I feel the need to comment on the recent Boris bollox since it conflates several topics I’ve written about at length before. This tweet from @Whoozley sets the agenda fair enough: 1 Banning niqab/burqa or attacking people who wear it is wrong 2 Everyone has right to wear what they choose 3 …”choose” in context … Continue reading “The Boris Burqa Brouhaha”