Sporting Philosophy

Well if Dennett sees philosophical debate as a contact sport, and he’s is taking bets on his latest thesis, perhaps it’s no secret that philosophy and sport are related. I’ve written on sport and the evolution of morality several times before. One feature is the necessary level of doubt – a Sweet-Spot – in application of … Continue reading “Sporting Philosophy”

Morality Play #ballboy @charliem0rgan

OK, so since I tend to use the sins of Chelski as moral parables, I should restore the balance with this one. Chelski’s Hazard did NOT kick the Swansea ball boy. He tried to get the ball from him and eventually kicked it out from under him. He shouldn’t have done that, he should no … Continue reading “Morality Play #ballboy @charliem0rgan”

It’s All In The Game

I read Stephen Mumford’s “Football – The Philosophy Behind the Game” in just two sittings. A great, if short, read for anyone with genuine love for the game, like Mumford a “long-suffering” Blades fan since 1980. Although I “followed” football as a schoolboy, Middlesbrough the local team and Leeds the big Yorkshire team at the … Continue reading “It’s All In The Game”

Causation in Science

Finally, our #CauSciBook exists. Many years in the making @ranilillanjum — Stephen Mumford (@SDMumford) October 17, 2018 Expensive first release in hardback, so I will need some justification to buy, but clearly an important topic to me. Causation remains much weirder than everyday common sense. I am not aware of either author or any … Continue reading “Causation in Science”

Lack of Clarity is Better

Another classic example from the football world. It is right that punishments for “unacceptable” transgressions of rules are in some sense arbitrary in their severity. If there becomes a rule for the punishments against breaking the rule, then we have a game-changer where calculations based on the punishment become part of the rule-breaking decision. Pardew … Continue reading “Lack of Clarity is Better”

Reading Update

Couple of things to report – little time for reviews – quite a few half-finished reads to come back to, but for now … I finished Martin Sixsmith’s “Russia” in 3 or 4 concentrated sittings last week whilst on aircraft / in airports / in hotel bars etc. Un-put-down-able – straightforward, knowing and journalistic history … Continue reading “Reading Update”

Beggin’ for Messi

Despite being a big fan (of Reading FC), usually when I blog a mention of football it’s for some exemplary moral decision-making reason, but I had to post this link to Robbo’s blog. Normally I avoid top-flight UK & European and national / international football because it is so rarely about the beautiful game. I … Continue reading “Beggin’ for Messi”