What’s so funny ’bout … #37

Feynman already was inspirational when he was alive, but “The Fantastic Mr Feynman” was an excellent science documentary for a science editor to conclude, as Feynman himself did, that love is more important than science. Ironic that they included that science-101 lecture clip where he emphasises the basic falsification rule of science, that if the experiment … Continue reading “What’s so funny ’bout … #37”

Framing a Law Against #Islamaphobia @NatSecSoc @LawSecSoc @SarahAB_UK @queen_redqueen @REnlightenment

Law against Islamaphobia? OK here goes: Phobia? – Literally “fear of”, but generally understood as “hatred of” or “prejudice against”. Religious Freedom? – We have UN Dec Art 18 (Freedom of thought, belief, expression and conscience – inc religious and non-religious belief and practice.) Prejudice & Hate? – We also have legal protection against hatred … Continue reading “Framing a Law Against #Islamaphobia @NatSecSoc @LawSecSoc @SarahAB_UK @queen_redqueen @REnlightenment”

More on Islam(ism) from @SarahAB_UK @LawSecSoc @queen_redqueen #NamingTheIdeology

Sarah Brown, @SarahAB_UK writing at Harry’s Place (hurryupharry.org) also responds to Charlie Klendjian’s Islam vs Islamism post. Also generated was a fair amount of twitter traffic about what he and I had posted. If I had time this Saturday evening, I might give Sarah’s post the fuller consideration it probably deserves, but for now the … Continue reading “More on Islam(ism) from @SarahAB_UK @LawSecSoc @queen_redqueen #NamingTheIdeology”

#NamingTheIdeology – Charlie Klendjian on Islam vs Islamism @LawSecSoc @LondonHumanists

Thanks to Charlie Klendjian for clarifying his Islam vs Islamism agenda. I witnessed the first delivery of the talk he mentions [and blogged about it here with follow-up here] but couldn’t be at the second talk. The first for me was “all over the place” too unfocussed, and too many topics – freedoms, extremisms, crimes, legal arrangements, sharia, … Continue reading “#NamingTheIdeology – Charlie Klendjian on Islam vs Islamism @LawSecSoc @LondonHumanists”

The Perverse Love in Revolution #whatsofunnybout

I’m banging on these days about the centrality of “Love” in so many humanist messages, whether philosophical or religious. The original “common ground” on all sides. Given my opinion of the moronic Russell Brand (***), about whom I blogged several times earlier in the year when he hit the media with his half-baked guff about … Continue reading “The Perverse Love in Revolution #whatsofunnybout”

More Faith in Love and Friendship @BHAhumanists @jimalkhalili #tftc #whatsofunnybout

I need to consolidate a few posts to make a fuller argument, but yet again BHA highlights one of its “Thoughts for the Commute”. This time it’s philosopher Richard Norman : “Love, friendship and creativity. The enjoyment of making beauty. Making a better world. Who could ask for anything more?” Richard Norman Yet again “belief” … Continue reading “More Faith in Love and Friendship @BHAhumanists @jimalkhalili #tftc #whatsofunnybout”

Neither be Cynical about Love

As business advice – clearly comes across pretty cheesy to quote “Desiderata” as your inspiration – you only have to look at the comment thread in reaction to this LinkedIn post. But as I’m always saying: “What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding?” [No idea if Angela Ahrendts and her LinkedIn persona are for … Continue reading “Neither be Cynical about Love”

What’s So Funny ?

Fun (pleasure or jouissance), was part of Zizek’s agenda noted below. I finished his “Living in the End Times” a week or so ago; a good provocative read in many places, but I was just left with an inconclusive anti-climactic “so what ?”, and no further specific review subjects to publish, so I moved straight … Continue reading “What’s So Funny ?”