Saw this clip the other day – Craig Bellamy being interviewed about being in the GB Olympic football team – and thought as well as being surprisingly articulate, his school-boyish enthusiasm and all round good humour made such a change from all the usual earnest and corporately correct punditry and commentary.

I wasn’t the only person to notice.

[Post Note – And ironic that Welshman Bellamy should score the opening goal, only to have the Daily Express report him scoring for “england”.]

Less is More #34

One in a long series, but here an example that’s new to me.

Faster frame rate TV and Film, cameras and projectors, and interpolation of additional frames to smooth slower frame rate media – may make images more “real”, but not necessarily better.

Here : Home vs showroom vs cinema settings generally.
Here : Slumdog as a cinematic example.
Interesting recommendation that plasma is better than LED, and otherwise unsurprising difficulty in truly comparing TV’s in a showroom setting – tried hard to compensate for this before.

Hat tip to Matt of WordPress.

True to ZMM

Good to hear James Purefoy in the role of Bob / Phaedrus in Peter Flannery’s dramatisation of Robert Pirsig‘s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance on BBC Radio4’s Saturday Drama. It’s there to listen again in BBC Radio4 iPlayer’s “Most Popular” . [Only available until next Saturday 30th June 2012.]

The characterizations, tone and atmosphere were dead right, and despite the need for selective editing to fit the 90 minute format, all the main aspects of the narrative, the back-stories and the underlying chautauqua on quality and mental illness came through. Many original scenes re-ordered and combined, and some dialogue recalled in the mouths of others, to get all the ideas and the marquee quotes in, without losing the context or intent, and still maintaining the overall sequence of the journey. An excellent production.

ZMM Dramatization on the Beeb

Robert Pirsig’s 1974 “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” is a special interest of Psybertron, and is the favourite book of Peter Flannery. So, he’s created a dramatization to be be broadcast next Saturday 23rd June at 2:30pm as BBC R4 Saturday Drama. (Mentioned earlier.)

Common Sense

Common sense for government to develop relationship with press / media, even without formal agreements. Said Alastair Campbell this week at the Levenson enquiry.

Good excuse to link again to this 8 year old “Wheel of Retribution” re Campbell’s relationship with the BBC back in the days of the Hutton Report. [Via “I believe in the BBC” campaign link – still working in the side-bar after all this time.]