Sin City and more in Perth

Saw Sin City (ex Local Pricks) in Perth’s Amplifier Bar on Saturday night. Too short a set, but as good as I remembered. Plenty of none-too-serious strutting, pouting stage-craft form Barbie (Tash) and heavy rock sound, but with catchy riffs and choruses. I remember now why Tommy’s drumming was so distinctive; twin pedals / hammers … Continue reading “Sin City and more in Perth”

If it’s gonna be loud it better be good.

Saw some interesting stuff at The Amplifier Bar 383 Murray Street last night (non-obvious entrance round the back alley beside No.381, explains why I once before failed to find this venue.) Dropping in Orange – guitar and organ, with drippy but thunderously loud bassist / vocalist – opened with Hawkwind’s Quark, Strangeness and Charm, which … Continue reading “If it’s gonna be loud it better be good.”


Seems the brief run of regular blues acts at Perth’s “Blue to the Bone” is coming to an end. Thursday has already become a karaoke night, Friday was already rockabilly, Saturday still has the excellent John Meyer (and Lindsay Wells) I believe, but last night was the last of Rick Steele’s “industry” guest nights. Rather … Continue reading “Digeriblues”

Blue to the Bone – Name Checks

Blues club here in Perth, 174 James Street, Northbridge. Blue To The Bone. Hope they make a success, ‘cos they have some talented acts. Every band I’ve seen there plays a version of Dylan’s Watchtower – some after Dylan, some after Hendrix – should make it their signature tune. Hope they draw in newer rock … Continue reading “Blue to the Bone – Name Checks”

Blue to the Bone

No one I spoke to in the club of the above name (in Northbridge, Perth) seemed to have heard of George Thorogood and his “Bad to the Bone”. Still … the place has live blues bands 5 nights a week, and tonight had two acts on. The venue has only recently organised itself to that … Continue reading “Blue to the Bone”

After the Fireworks

8th July 1968 was a Monday 50 years ago when Robert Pirsig set off from the Twin Cities on his Honda CB77 Superhawk with son Chris riding pillion and friends John and Sylvia Sutherland alongside on their BMW. That road trip to California formed the narrative of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM). You … Continue reading “After the Fireworks”

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