The Archbishop is a Blogger too

Made references to the thoughful words of Dr Rowan Williams before, and this is no exception. A link provided by Sam. Only scanned it so far, and capturing the link for now – but some interesting stuff I’m going to have to come back to. As usual, I find myself agreeing with both sides, Bono and Rowan … Continue reading “The Archbishop is a Blogger too”

The Atheist and the Archbishop

As a confirmed atheist, I was about to do some research on the coincidences of atheist philosophers converting to catholicism in later life (Wittgenstein ? McLuhan ? and a couple of others ?), basically wondering if there was an intellectual elitst attraction with the hierarchy in said church. That’ll have to wait. I stumbled across the … Continue reading “The Atheist and the Archbishop”

As the Archbishop said to the Grauniad

Archbishop Rowan Williams weighs in against IDC being taught in schools as any kind of alternative to science, (and against any literal teaching of the bible generally it seems.) Good on him. [Thanks to Sam for the link.] Wisdom prevails. Talking of which “Friends of Wisdom“. And “Unhooked Thinking“.

McGilchrist and Lawson on The Sacred

Wonderful short dialogue between Iain McGilchrist and Hilary Lawson recorded at the spring 2023 “How The Light Gets In” in Hay on Wye earlier this year. Seen and listened to (and talked with) them both at previous HTLGI’s but was unable to attend this year’s. So glad this 17 minutes was recorded for us all. … Continue reading “McGilchrist and Lawson on The Sacred”

Secular Values

This is a somewhat hurried post as an opportunity to join up some dots on secularism. Firstly I read “Secularism – Politics, Religion & Freedom” by Andrew Copson, Chief Exec of Humanists UK (HUK / BHA) and Chair of the International Humanist and Ethical Union last week. I had intented to write a review after … Continue reading “Secular Values”

The Modesty Elephant – Values for a Secular Culture.

As “Islamist” issues of every kind rumble on, I have often found myself pointing out that an elephant in the room is “modesty”. It makes me priggish to even mention it. Of course, when cultural taboos are enforced by patriarchal tradition, women come off worst in the more extreme interpretations of how much exposed flesh is … Continue reading “The Modesty Elephant – Values for a Secular Culture.”

Doing God

Not been tempted to interject yet in the PM “Christian Country” vs the BHA Open Letter response, but there is one point I need to make. Fact: we are a Christian country in the sense that not only cultural but also deep and long-standing institutional “traditions” have arisen from Christian values. That says nothing exclusive … Continue reading “Doing God”