Peter Drucker Dies

Wow, after just rediscovering how much there was behind management guru Peter Drucker, I hear he died last Friday 18th November 2006, just short of his 96th birthday. Strange on the Wednesday two days before, my boss just used a Drucker quote I’d given him in a management presentation in the conference I was at. … Continue reading “Peter Drucker Dies”

Drucker Knew the Vienna Circle

Well, well; I know and like some of Peter Drucker’s management writings, but I’d never noted his earlier philosophical works or his connection with the Vienna Circle. Someone I must research more closely. How about this for a quote .. “I couldn’t stand the ultra-rationality of my Uncle Hans.” Instead, the young Drucker was attracted … Continue reading “Drucker Knew the Vienna Circle”

Peter Drucker Foundation

Peter Drucker Foundation. Some interesting stuff about management of non-profit organisations setting future trends of business management including this interview with Charles Handy. Some good recommended reading lists too, including …. The March of Folly by Barbara Tuchman (Ballantine, 1992), ….. the follies of humankind in bringing about …. disasters that could have been avoided … Continue reading “Peter Drucker Foundation”

Atomisation of Markets & Labour @paulmasonnews

Reading Paul Mason’s “Postcapitalism — A Guide to the Future” after earlier mentioning the previews and as is my wont recording some notes around the mid-way point. That is, I don’t really know his conclusions for future action yet, but as previewed it is indeed full of material I already identify with, indeed have been … Continue reading “Atomisation of Markets & Labour @paulmasonnews”

Post Capitalism @paulmasonnews

Paul Mason’s book “PostCapitalism” is out this week, but has been previewed in talks and articles. Lots of material I’ve used here. Schumpeter and Kondratiev waves of economic cycles. Freeman and Perez “Techno-Economic-Paradigms” building on Kuhn. Drucker, the guru of management gurus, standing on the shoulders of Parker-Follett. The 5th wave is clearly the information … Continue reading “Post Capitalism @paulmasonnews”

Measure What Matters

I have a pretty evident agenda here that objectifying (and measuring in order to manage) the wrong things, or too narrow a slate of things, is counter-productive: Partly because objectifying or reifying the issue may be misguided in itself, and partly because “governance” is at least a two-way, if not more complex, system-behavioural game anyway, … Continue reading “Measure What Matters”


Just a holding post of references, thoughts and links … I’m researching Roger Joseph Boscovich work directly and in the work of others, following this initial post;, also following through Ernst Mach here; and here; My pen picture : OK so he was a polymath, with a big focus on geometry – particularly simple Euclidian … Continue reading “Boscovich”