Introducing Mary Parker-Follett

I mentioned Mary Parker-Follett to Euan Semple in a comment on one of the posts linked below. Rather than pollute Euan’s blog with some tangential detail, I thought I’d write a longer post here and simply trackback to Euan’s blog. Preamble My agenda takes in some mystical & pragmatic, monist metaphysics, which can seem a … Continue reading “Introducing Mary Parker-Follett”

Mary Parker Follett

Recently read Pauline Graham’s compilation of the works of Mary Parker Follett “The Prophet of Management“. Generally considered by a host of modern management gurus to have written the final word on many important management subjects, back in the 1920’s, when she became well known through her writing, lecturing and consulting. She is often cited … Continue reading “Mary Parker Follett”

BlogRolled Over

As a blogger since blogging was invented, I’ve maintained the idea of a blogroll in the side-bar – linking to other bloggers and sources of news and input I read and recommend. It’s long been redundant since all sources provide feeds not just through RSS but primarily via micro-blog channels – aka social media – … Continue reading “BlogRolled Over”

Constructive Arguments

Very good and much-needed coverage with plenty of good contributors of “how to argue better”, well presented by Timandra Harkness in 5 x 15 minute BBC R4 sessions. [Dead link – now available via Timandra’s own web pages at SoundCloud.] (Note – I have pages of “rules of engagement”) Ep1 – For me, not agreeing … Continue reading “Constructive Arguments”

Panrelationalism – Everything Comes in Threes

Triples, Triads or Trinities Every layered, taxonomic or network model of anything. 1D – The identity of every thing being distinct from not-this-thing and the distinction made. 2D – Levels or layers (in 2D orthogonal to any axis in n-dimensions, think onion-skins) come in threes. This layer, the next layer and the interface between the … Continue reading “Panrelationalism – Everything Comes in Threes”

Managing by Measurement

All good adages exist with their exact opposites, and like any good rules – especially conflicting ones – understanding where and how to apply them is the real knowledge. Knowing the rules is the easy bit. Hypocrisy – handling conflicting ideas effectively – is an undervalued skill. Management Science would suggest: “What you can’t measure, … Continue reading “Managing by Measurement”

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Leibnitz in the Pythonesque Style of Gottlieb

Apart form all the other excellent reasons to recommend Anthony Gottlieb’s “Dream of Enlightenment“ it was fair to say, as I predicted, that the content of the chapter on Leibnitz was largely new to me. Apart from the mythologised legacies of Voltaire vs Leibnitz and Newton vs Leibnitz I really was pretty ignorant of his … Continue reading “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Leibnitz in the Pythonesque Style of Gottlieb”