Who Needs Funghi …

… When you can achieve altered states of consciousness by dialogue alone ? Interesting report by Julian Elve [Synesthesia] of an “out of comfort zone” event hosted by Johnnie Moore and others using “Dialogue”. That’s right you heard, dialogue. Interestingly, Johnnie’s review refers to critics of the book (by Ellinor and Gerard) kinda complaining that … Continue reading “Who Needs Funghi …”

Having Fun With Funghi

The theme of altered states of consciousness – drug induced or otherwise – keeps cropping-up in debates about consciousness in general and enlightenment in particular. Came across this Psychedelic Library whilst following up Aldous Huxley in my ever growing reading list. In this Huxley Paper (from 1963 Playboy !) “Culture and the Individual” I loved … Continue reading “Having Fun With Funghi”

Meat Eating Issues – a Quickie.

As a piece of writing this is unrehearsed an unpollished, but I wanted to record some notes before Phil Walder’s second talk on meat-eating “Should Humanists Eat Animals” at Central London Humanists on Wednesday this week at Conway Hall. I didn’t see his previous talk either, but did hear some some specific points of feedback … Continue reading “Meat Eating Issues – a Quickie.”

Rupert Sheldrake’s Science Delusion

Rupert Sheldrake’s “The Science Delusion” (2012) so-called by his publisher as a pointed response to Dawkins, is called “Science Set Free” in the US. Given my agenda – alternatives to logical-positivist materialist-reductionist scientistic-dogma worldviews – it’s not possible for me to be ignorant of Sheldrake, but I’m pretty sure I’ve not read anything of his … Continue reading “Rupert Sheldrake’s Science Delusion”

Parasitic Genes

I commented on a post of Johnnie Moore’s a couple of weeks ago, along the line of meme’s being mimicked by their own analogue, genes – as funghi, bacteria, virus infections, etc – affecting (human) host brain behaviour. The cordyceps fungal infections of insects are used by Dennett to illustrate meme behaviour. Over the weekend … Continue reading “Parasitic Genes”

Tea (DMT that is)

In the same vein as sacramental Peyote and Funghi being used in enlightenment circles, here we have Amazonian herbal “Hoasca Tea”, containing DMT, being consumed in a ceremonial context notice. The story is the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it’s use in response to an attempted federal ban.

More on Psychedelics

One in a long line of holding posts for a link to the subject of psychedelics (Peyote, Mescaline, LSD, etc.) and their role in enlightenment and the study of consciousness. [Link via Ant at robertpirsig.org] [See also Timeline 1960, and Peyote, and Funghi.] This is a review of Albert Hofmann, who as creator of LSD … Continue reading “More on Psychedelics”