The Paradox of Progress – Dr James Willis

After several reprints, the latest publication of Dr James Willis (1995) “The Paradox of Progress” is as an e-Book (2022) here at PayHip. I first reviewed and recommended it back in 2003. At that point I was only a couple of years into my own quest for “a better world model” and Willis as a … Continue reading “The Paradox of Progress – Dr James Willis”

Friends of James Willis

Friends of James Willis – Having finished my latest re-read of Lila, I’m back on to James’ “Friends in Low Places“. Compelling stuff. I didn’t pick it up until 1 am, and could hardly put it down. Needless to say I overslept this morning ! [Post Summary: Dr James Willis readings: – Friends in Low … Continue reading “Friends of James Willis”

The Paradox of Progress by Dr James Willis

The Paradox of Progress by Dr James Willis [Quote] Throughout this book, I have used my experience of general practice as an analogy for life in a technological world … I have quoted some of the things they say in order to show the wisdom, love, humanity of ordinary people.[Unquote] A thoroughly recommended read, even … Continue reading “The Paradox of Progress by Dr James Willis”

Dr James Willis

Dr James Willis – Author of “The Paradox of Progress” and “Friends in Low Places”. Writing in a medical / healthcare context, but spot on the main theme of recoiling from hyper-rationalism. [Quote] Most of all we need to keep technology in its proper place, as the servant of the individual person, not the master. … Continue reading “Dr James Willis”

For the Love of our Health @drphilhammond @JARWillis @microphilosophy

In my last post – about the BHA 2015 Conference – I noted that listening to Dr Phil Hammond had put me in mind of Dr James Willis. Although the former is now more famous than the latter – stand-up entertainer, TV-panelist, etc – they represent two generations of medical doctors warning against the damage … Continue reading “For the Love of our Health @drphilhammond @JARWillis @microphilosophy”

Definitions & Rules in Technology

Another, the first, of Richard Emerson’s interlocutors in his “Rebalancing the Future” podcast series was ex-GP writer James Willis. His “Paradox of Progress” and “Friends in Low Places” were books I reviewed very early in my own journey, and reviewed again when PoP was re-released earlier this year. We’ve been “fellow travellers” riding pillion on … Continue reading “Definitions & Rules in Technology”

Senses Working Overtime

Trying to catch-up on some day-job priorities with a bit of peace and quiet over the weekend I find some very old tennis > elbow > foot word-association running riot as some dialogue starts-up on the back of those of us reading Iain McGilchrist’s The Matter With Things – in “Channel McGilchrist”. In this very … Continue reading “Senses Working Overtime”