The Meeting of Northrop and McCabe

Mentioned I was doing a good deal of retro-reading these days. I’m currently reading Joe McCabe’s The New Science and the Story of Evolution. Joe was one of the big movers and shakers in the UK “Freethought Movement”. This particular book is a 1931-ish combination of early woks and essays including The Story of Evolution … Continue reading “The Meeting of Northrop and McCabe”

Northrop and Heisenberg

Another one of those “the plot thickens” links. Read and blogged about both F.S.C. Northrop (The Meeting of East and West) and Werner Heisenberg (Physics and Philosophy), but didn’t notice the the US edition of the latter (1958 Great Minds series, published by Prometheus) had an introduction by the former. I read the UK Penguin … Continue reading “Northrop and Heisenberg”

Hemingway read Northrop

The library in his house “Finca Vigia” in Cuba includes F S C Northrop’s “The Meeting of East and West“. This image from the site by Hilary Justice. Northrop is the red one in the middle. The brown one to the left of it is “The Good Soldier Schweik” by Hasek, which is a longer … Continue reading “Hemingway read Northrop”

West Met East – Metaphorically Speaking

[Review of Lakoff & Johnson “Metaphors We Live By”] West Met East – Metaphorically Speaking – Just returned from China. Suprisingly I didn’t get to read Northrop as much as expected, because I’d just received Lakoff and Johnson’s “Metaphors We Live By” the morning I departed. I’ve just finished the book itself on the flight … Continue reading “West Met East – Metaphorically Speaking”

East Meets West #2

As you know, I’ve just started reading Northrop [Previous] [ Previous] and already hooked because he is straight into the pragmatic effects of the Catch-22 of the recursive argument about how absolute can a metaphysics be that includes it’s own definition. [Quote] the basic paradox of our time [is that] “sound” theory tends to destroy … Continue reading “East Meets West #2”

East Meets West

Just received “The Meeting of East and West” by F.S.C. Northrop (MacMillan, 1946, 1st ed, 2nd impression) (just said that) and what a book. This is the volume that so influenced Pirsig on his troopship return from Korea in 1948. The book that turned a lateral drifter into pursuer of something important (ZMM25 p124). Anyway, … Continue reading “East Meets West”