Owen Barfield’s Poetic Diction

Just read Barfield’s Poetic Diction, originally published in 1928, when he was 30. This Weslyan University Press edition has a 1973 Foreword by Howard Nemerov, as well as an original 1928 Preface, and 1952 Preface and a 1972 Afterword all by Barfield. I can see why people recommended I look at Barfield after Pirsig, Northrop … Continue reading “Owen Barfield’s Poetic Diction”

Reading Updates

Just a few sketchy holding points for now … Finished Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach. Excellent to the end. Skimmed the tougher mathematically and notationally detailed sections – seemed important to get the thrust on trust, which I think I did. I think his final dialogue, almost explicitly explaining the “fugue” underlying all the dialogues throughout … Continue reading “Reading Updates”

Words as Idols

Read Owen Barfield’s “Poetic Diction” and “History in English Words” a year or so ago, and blogged several items. [here][here][here]. I was doing a search on Barfield today in preparation for reading more of his work and came across two interesting sites. This review of Barfield’s “Saving the Appearances – A Study in Idolatry” on … Continue reading “Words as Idols”

Northrop, Barfield and Rorty

I’m that close to finishing Northrop – 20 pages maybe (Post note – Completed Northrop BTW) – so I’ve got some more reading material lined-up, already despatched from Amazon. Richard Rorty – Philosophy and Social Hope Richard Rorty – Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity Owen Barfield – Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning Owen Barfield – … Continue reading “Northrop, Barfield and Rorty”

Owen Barfield

Owen Barfield – Note to self – must read some Owen Barfield – for starters …The Owen Barfield WebsiteOwen Barfield and C S Lewis [Quote] Most notable of his works are perhaps History in English Words, Poetic Diction, Saving the Appearances, Unancestral Voice, and Worlds Apart. Barfield also wrote a fairy tale, The Silver Trumpet, … Continue reading “Owen Barfield”

Introduction to Doyletics

Below is the introductory section taken from Bobby Matherne’s web pages on “Doyletics” the would-be science he named after Doyle Henderson. Doyletic’s focus is the processes of learned behaviour – and a self-help therapy called “speed tracing” to unlearn perceived problems – with little effort spent on defining the objects of our attention. These objects … Continue reading “Introduction to Doyletics”

Comprehensively paradoxical Gödel – Rebecca Goldstein

I mentioned noting that one of Rebecca Goldstein’s earlier works was Incompleteness – the Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel. Since Gödel is an existing interest of mine, and Goldstein’s writing has never let me down yet, it was a no-brainer to obtain a copy. (I’ve since also obtained a copy of her fiction The Mind-Body Problem – … Continue reading “Comprehensively paradoxical Gödel – Rebecca Goldstein”

Essential Viewing ?

I was loaned two DVD’s this weekend, so watched them both. The Name of the Rose – a “palimpsest” of Eco’s book. Actually covers essential aspects of the plot, with all the characters and style replicated in caricature. Great atmospheric production too. The main message is spoken explicitly, lest you miss it – humour conquers … Continue reading “Essential Viewing ?”