The “Rational-Comprehensive” Planning Model

Apparently such a thing exists and people can do courses on it. [Google cross-hit]. Not heard of it before but, call me cynical, I don’t like the sound of it, sounds doomed to failure of planned objectives, with plenty of solid blame-shifting, Brunsson-hypocritical, arse-covering, “somebody else’s problem” problems. [Post Note Sept 2010 – I have … Continue reading “The “Rational-Comprehensive” Planning Model”

New Leaves Turned Over

Plenty of people posting reviews of 2008 and resolutions for 2009. Detectable in the hits on my site too. I mentioned once or twice during 2008 that I was getting a bit fed-up with the proportion of hits not just from search engines (eg Google, mainly) , with no dwell time from the human user … Continue reading “New Leaves Turned Over”

Web Traffic

Two observations … The last 2 or 3 months …. been getting repeated bursts of direct hits from “Limelight Networks” in Tempe, AZ. No idea why – are they testing out some content crawler at Uni of Az ? Last couple of years …. I get constant search hits from people all over the world … Continue reading “Web Traffic”