Gary Moore

Gary Moore would have been 70 years old today. Every time I see a reference to him, it brings back various memories starting with the (1971) Skid album with Skid Row, and probably a John Peel session or two? Don’t believe I ever saw him live with Skid Row (or Thin Lizzy). 72/74 I was … Continue reading “Gary Moore”

Well I didn’t know …

…. that neither CBGB’s nor The Marquee Club currently exist. (Interesting this scrapbook page from Clemen Pull, has lots of gig adverts that also include Scarecrow, at The Marquee, The Lord Nelson, The Windsor Castle, Upstairs at Ronnies, and more … Pretty sure I saw Scarecrow only once at The Marquee, but I see they … Continue reading “Well I didn’t know …”

Life of a Song

Still highly distracted from main blogging subjects at the moment, and a month since I’ve blogged at all – my biggest hiatus ever ? Well – as a result of obtaining a guitar and having a go at playing again; there I said it – I’ve been seeking out sheet music, tabs and lyrics to some … Continue reading “Life of a Song”

Crossroad Blues

Aparently that’s my Robert Johnson song – one of my favourites, along with Dust My Broom, I remember being performed by Scarecrow, mid to late 70’s, after the Clapton version … [via Rivets] Also from Rivets this link to high-rise skylines of the world. You’d have to like modern man-made skylines to appreciate it, but … Continue reading “Crossroad Blues”

Psychological Counselling

An old friend Denise contacted me via a hit on my music photo gallery pages about 70’s London pub rock band “Scarecrow“. Interesting enough in itself, to reminisce about old London pub stomping grounds, but spookily, now she runs an interesting business in psychological career counselling (what, who, me ?). And she blogs. Echoes of … Continue reading “Psychological Counselling”