Less Is More – Netherlands Traffic Signs

Less is More Counter intuitive recommendations from Netherlands experience is that fewer traffic priority rules / lane markings/ signals etc make roads and junctions safer. Kids are involved in less road accidents if they are encouraged to play in traffic. Essentially human psychology compensates by adjusting speeds and habits to enable tacit negotiatiation by eye-contact … Continue reading “Less Is More – Netherlands Traffic Signs”

Fewer Signs of Greater Safety

I’ve blogged several times, and get 100’s of hits on the subject of removing road traffic signs increasing actual road safety – since I mentioned the Netherlands experiment of some years ago and a UK study of that experience. [Background] Last year the German city of Bohmte scrapped its road traffic signs in a similar … Continue reading “Fewer Signs of Greater Safety”

Putting Humans Back in the Traffic Loop

At last …. blogged about this over a year ago, when BBC Radio 4 “Today” reported on a Dutch experiment to do away with traffic signs and road markings, and just leave the drivers to it. Sounds irrational, but it’s proven that there are less accidents and more courtesy, because the humans have to use … Continue reading “Putting Humans Back in the Traffic Loop”

Beyond The Edge

Followed a series of links from Johnnie Moore (on more reflective, indirect approach to “problem solving” when the situation is complex and the “problem” itself not at all clear – reminded me of Terry Eagleton’s “C-Word” reaction to the macho “can do” mentality). Peter Block …  we have a deeply held belief that the way … Continue reading “Beyond The Edge”

Body Language – Three’s a Crowd

Or if you prefer; the “Three Body Language”. Something that has cropped-up several times in recent quite separate correspondences are analogies to the Newtonian “Three-Body-Problem” and I realised these linked to some earlier things I’d blogged about. The three-body-problem is insoluble analytically – take three or more bodies (physical objects) apply Newtons laws of motion … Continue reading “Body Language – Three’s a Crowd”

Thinking With Meat

Quote from Charles Richmond in the Thinking with Meat thread on comp.ai.philosophy QUOTE I believe that we should work harder to get people to think. I heard a comedian say once that he thought the little tags on hair-dryers that say “DO NOT USE WHILE SHOWERING” should be removed. His reasoning was: If you are … Continue reading “Thinking With Meat”

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