Governance with Love, from New York to Boston. @platobooktour

My investigations here started 15 years ago into information, particularly as knowledge in a decision-making context, but it’s been some years since I decided governance was the umbrella term for that agenda – the basis for enacting best decisions – for any groups of people or constituencies of any size. Furthermore, wherever the information does not simply represent … Continue reading “Governance with Love, from New York to Boston. @platobooktour”

All You Need is Love #3

Is love all you need, or does money make the world go round ? Interesting post from Euan Semple, contrasting the “pathological” shareholder-value-making duty of business organisations, with the idea that love is the most important driver in any organisation. Like any of us taking this stuff seriously, he is forced to conclude with an … Continue reading “All You Need is Love #3”

Omnia Vincit Amor – again

Finished reading Caldwell and Thomason’s “Rule of Four” in transit here at Changi. As I predicted in the previous post the theme becomes “Love Conquers All” – with the reminder of the double edged meaning in that aphorism – “mis-directed love destroys anything” is not a recipe for happy endings – though this book does … Continue reading “Omnia Vincit Amor – again”

Amor Vincit Omnia

Love conquers all (not) says Donna Tartt in her Secret History, which is spooky, because in the review of the Rule of Four below, it was described as The Name of the Rose in the style of Donna Tartt, and I made the suggestion that the plot of the Hypnerotomachia (subject of The Rule of … Continue reading “Amor Vincit Omnia”

Digression Back to the Same Points?

An old quote, given my threads on formal logic vs chaotic approach to knowledge, from The Secret History by Donna Tartt (p.28) : I was charmed by his conversation, and despite its illusion of being rather modern and digressive (to me, the hallmark of the modern mind is that it loves to wander from the … Continue reading “Digression Back to the Same Points?”

Origin Where We’re Headed

Origin is the latest from Dan Brown. [Many spoilers and rough notes.] [This below is a doubtful piece of writing – a much better review here in “Pre and Post-Humanism”.] ===== This review focusses on the “technical” content, with anything on the plot and style or on my reading of it being relegated to a … Continue reading “Origin Where We’re Headed”

What’s So Funny ?

Fun (pleasure or jouissance), was part of Zizek’s agenda noted below. I finished his “Living in the End Times” a week or so ago; a good provocative read in many places, but I was just left with an inconclusive anti-climactic “so what ?”, and no further specific review subjects to publish, so I moved straight … Continue reading “What’s So Funny ?”