Kurt Vonnegut

I’m only a recent convert to Kurt Vonnegut having not read him until after his death last year, when I picked-up and enjoyed “Cat’s Cradle“. I’ve Just finished reading “Slaugherhouse Five”, his biographical account of lives, inlcuding his own, that intersected in the Dresden bombings. Wonderful writing – pointing out that more civilians were deliberately … Continue reading “Kurt Vonnegut”


When Kurt Vonnegut died a few weeks ago, there was some traffic about his work on various discussion boards … I realized I knew of him, and a little about his works, but had not actually read any. On MoQ-Discuss several people gave recommendations for favourites and for new readers. I started with the obvious … Continue reading “Vonnegut”

So It Goes … dot dot dot

Had one of those transatlantic (twelve hours of sunset) opportunities to get a bit of reading in last week, a week in Boston. (Incidentally encountered Steven Pinker in the hotel bar, though left him undisturbed deep in conversation with another, having just explained he was my second favourite evolutionary psychology / linguistic philosopher, after Dan … Continue reading “So It Goes … dot dot dot”

Take it or leave it.

After some stressful hectic weeks – company annual conference, and a “learning experience” in US temporary-resident house-buying – Sylvia and I decided we’d have a quiet holiday weekend after work on Saturday. After checking the boys were surviving OK with end of year exam progress – just one of them has one to go – we went … Continue reading “Take it or leave it.”