North-East England – Skeptic, Rationalist & Humanist Freethinkers

Since switching my own lifestyle focus from London to NE England, I’ve been monitoring and attending like-minded events  locally wherever I can.

[Prototype Events Page]

Skeptics in the PubHomepage
(Has original links since 1999 under The Skeptic Magazine founded 1987. Undated / not-updated. Skeptical Enquirer (US) Magazine advertised. Skeptic Magazine (UK) only in archive and on-line. On-line material – columns & blog posts not dated, events all 2017, but Twitter handle active, and advertisng Skeptic and related events.)

  • Teesside SitP Site has FB link and Twitter handle
    Only one event in diary.
  • York SitP Site has a blog link
  • Newcastle SitP Site has diary and links to other MeetUp and social media sites.
    Diary only one event into the future.

[Next nearest are: Leeds SitP and Edinburgh SitP]

Humanists UK (formerly BHA) – Homepage.
Has a local events page, though information looks very patchy?

  • Teesside Humanists (Middlesbrough)
    FB Page only? No obvious connection to HUK?
  • North Yorks Humanists (York)
    Active and connected to HUK, have their own website.
  • North-East Humanists (Newcastle)
    Active and connected to HUK, have their own website.
    (2018 HUK event is in NCL this year)

[Next nearest are: West Yorkshire Humanists (Leeds), Sheffield Humanist Society, Hull and East Riding Humanist Group, and the Humanist Society Scotland (Edinburgh and more).]



NSS – Secularism is an important focusto disentangle establishment and freedoms – in discourse as well as real life – so we can have proper constructive (unpolarised) dialogue on valid rational / humanist issues.

Pint of Science UK? / Thirst for Science US? Has regional activities too.

CFI? “science and/or reason”
CFI (UK) now part of BHA / HUK and affiliate only of CFI (US)
CFI (US) now merged with Dawkins Foundation (for R&S)

Digital Human / Digital Humanists / Digital Humanities?

Spoonful of Knowledge