Physics Moves in Mysterious Ways – Carlo Rovelli’s “Seven Brief Lessons”

I’ve been largely offline for a week visiting Florence, and in fact did very little reading whilst I was away. Florence was too fascinating. So, Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Black Swan” and “Antifragile“ and Simon Blackburn’s “Truth” and “Hume“ remain incomplete and un-reviewed despite enjoying the gist I’d already gleaned from all four. Their styles could … Continue reading “Physics Moves in Mysterious Ways – Carlo Rovelli’s “Seven Brief Lessons””

Teesside SitP Open Mike Night – a Round-up.

I mentioned and shared, a few posts ago, a brief presentation on Free-Will I gave to Teesside Sceptics in the Pub last week, but I also wanted to mention the other contributions: Sue Whitcombe was probably the highlight of the night, partly because it was delivered with the passion of direct personal experience and partly … Continue reading “Teesside SitP Open Mike Night – a Round-up.”

How The Light Gets In 2016 #htlgi2016

At Hay on Wye HTLGI festival again for the final weekend: My late arrival and changes to programme meant Friday pm didn’t quite go according to my pre-planning, but got to see and hear; Denis Noble, Anne Bowcock and Rupert Sheldrake chaired by David Malone, talking on the promissory hype of the Human Genome project … Continue reading “How The Light Gets In 2016 #htlgi2016”

Chips With Everything – Learning from the Computation Game

Introduction [Work in Progress – 2015 Version] One way or another computers are ubiquitous in 21st century life. Everything has a chip in it, every device has some programming interface, – every game (or even every motor car it seems) has a “cheat” code, and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is soon upon us. The … Continue reading “Chips With Everything – Learning from the Computation Game”

Continuity in Physics? @skdh

Been aware of a couple of tweets from Sabine at BackReaction on the topic of continuity over scales in physics, starting with a post by Krauss in Nautilus, and culminating today with another Nautilus link to a Max Tegmark piece that Sabine “wishes she could find something to disagree with” and this from FQXi on Quantum Cybernetics. … Continue reading “Continuity in Physics? @skdh”

Convergence of Computation, Mind and Genetics?

There is certainly a coming together of many related ideas which is very exciting, but there are some implicit assumptions in that “convergence” that blur some details that may not actually be right in any of the three fields. This post is to record a position. The linked paper …. “CONVERGENCE of Neuroscience, Biogenetics and Computing – a convergence … Continue reading “Convergence of Computation, Mind and Genetics?”

Bang Goes The Big Bang

Blogging live from the IAI – How The Light Gets In – conference at Hay-on-Wye. (Not to be confused with the contemporary and almost co-located Hay Festival of Arts and Literature.) Well, I was live when I wrote that – but sadly teeming rain, muddy tented venues and lack of any safe power supplies, meant … Continue reading “Bang Goes The Big Bang”

Henry Stapp

Henry Stapp’s words quoted by Brian Josephson, were one of the first occasions I was turned on to considering that (eastern) mysticism might have something real to add to science. Both serious physicists, the latter a Nobel prizewinner, both interestingly, present at the 2003 Science of Consciousness event in Tucson. At the time (noted in … Continue reading “Henry Stapp”