Pragmatic (Humorous) Philosophy

Every time I mention a philosopher (as I often do on Psybertron) I am reminded of one collaborator (Daniel Rivers-Moore) who confided that he was in fact a philosopher by training, and almost regretted sowing (early phase) Wittgesteinian seeds in the minds of a modelling group. I am also haunted by this witty correspondence of … Continue reading “Pragmatic (Humorous) Philosophy”

Irrational Knowledge Value Models

Irrational Knowledge Value Models in PracticeAt a knowledge interest group meeting today I experienced a microcosm of so many of the issues here. (1) The “General Motors / DeLorean effect” A failure of formal project teams to achieve scope execution and objectives desired and understood by the individual members, despite admissions that each member individually … Continue reading “Irrational Knowledge Value Models”