Normal Mailer on US Psyche and 9/11

Normal Mailer on US Psyche and 9/11. Full text from the Times interview with Mailer, from Google (in two parts) via Jorn. Long interview on thoughts around the US Psyche, following 9/11 / Enron / Andersens / WorldCom etc and “why nobody loves us”. Powerful stuff about rationality, the complexity of life, and a reasonable … Continue reading “Normal Mailer on US Psyche and 9/11”

Kurzweil – Accelerating Intelligence

Ray Kurzweil (AI) Accelerating IntelligenceOverhyped AI site of “extraordinary”, “revolutionary”, “prophetic vision” (sic), but contributory big thinkers include the likes of Richard Dawkins, Arthur C Clarke, Richard Feynman, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, Marvin Minsky, Roger Schank (of Jorn infamy ?), Murray Gell-Mann, Martin Rees, Roger Penrose, Steve Jones, Paul Davies, Stephen Jay Gould and more. … Continue reading “Kurzweil – Accelerating Intelligence”