Car Buying Behaviour & Scams

Further to the last post, I’ve seen some interesting things about car selling in the last three weeks. Initially I put my motor up for sale at the wrong price – right age, but no adjustment for the very high mileage (it’s probably the highest mileage VX in captivity in fact). Anyway in three weeks … Continue reading “Car Buying Behaviour & Scams”

More on Memes

I need to get this topic at the right level, following the Blackmore vs Midgley outing of yesterday. Before memes, let’s get the garbage out of the way …. It was set up as Blackmore vs Midgley, a combative argument – I have (on this very blog) agreed with both Midgley and Blackmore – I … Continue reading “More on Memes”

Instead of “showing consternation” …

… perhaps Israel and the “west” could ask themselves why a party of violence is popular with its citizens ? “No negotiation with terrorists until they denounce violence ?” Yeah, right, we understand the PR rhetoric, but one hopes realistic questions are being asked by skilled diplomats and negotiators.

Antidote to IDC

Browsing The Edge (see previous post) I see this article by Canadian paleontologist and broadcaster Scott Sampson. He sees cross-discipline eco-focussed education projects as shifting the evolution debate from history on geological timescales to here and now relevance, and creating a better informed population in the process. As a pan-Darwinist, I’d have to agree.[My last … Continue reading “Antidote to IDC”

Don’t You Just Love ‘Em

Americans that is … Just done a long round trip to Auckland NZ, via LA. I’d forgotten that there is no such thing as international “transit” in US airports, so had the edifying experience of going into and out of the US both in each direction, immigration, baggage, customs, check-in, gate security, the lot. Spitting … Continue reading “Don’t You Just Love ‘Em”

The Tail Really Does Wag The Dog

Work In Progress – Interesting series of columns by the BBC’s Peter Day, charting very rapid market disruptions, mainly by new technologies, Google, Blogging and Podcasting, and also by the Chinese economy and Banking competition. The old 80 year Kondratiev economic cycles are being severely strained everywhere. It really is spotting the market effect of … Continue reading “The Tail Really Does Wag The Dog”


Seems the brief run of regular blues acts at Perth’s “Blue to the Bone” is coming to an end. Thursday has already become a karaoke night, Friday was already rockabilly, Saturday still has the excellent John Meyer (and Lindsay Wells) I believe, but last night was the last of Rick Steele’s “industry” guest nights. Rather … Continue reading “Digeriblues”