Question for Mr Krauss @lkrauss1 @TheSkepticMag @ConwayHall @bhahumanists #unbelieversuk

I attended the session organised by The Skeptic Magazine at Conway Hall last night involving Richard Dawkins and Larry Krauss introducing a showing of their film “The Unbelievers”. Having already seen the film, I was able to hear Michael Sandel at an earlier event, and arrive at the Dawkins / Krauss event during the break … Continue reading “Question for Mr Krauss @lkrauss1 @TheSkepticMag @ConwayHall @bhahumanists #unbelieversuk”

The Edge 2012 Q&A

This year’s Edge question 2012 is: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DEEP, ELEGANT, OR BEAUTIFUL EXPLANATION? Many of the responses don’t really answer the question, but there are hundreds of responses on many subjects. These are a few that caught my eye – almost all mean further reading! Some are just interesting to see in this … Continue reading “The Edge 2012 Q&A”

Fascinating And Open Question

As I mentioned, I’m reading Hitchens’ “God Is Not Great”, after originally avoiding it as just part of the God vs Science hysterical debates of the past two years, but discovering I like what Hitchens has to say. OK so GING is “the case against” religion, an unrelenting damnation that could easily offend his target … Continue reading “Fascinating And Open Question”

Chicago on the Edge

In the previous post – more on the interminable God vs Science saga – I concluded with a reference to Chicago. Firstly, the reason I was browsing Mary Hrovat’s Thinking Meat was because I noticed she’d blogged an initial look at this year’s Edge question, which I’d not done yet, but she already concluded as I have … Continue reading “Chicago on the Edge”

Google has answers to questions no human being may ever be able to ask.

That’s a quote from George Dyson’s piece for The Edge “The Godel-to-Google Net” in response to a question from playwright Richard Foreman whether wide access to all information, all culturaly inherited knowledge, into the one “computerised” medium can support creativity without fallibility. Or are we doomed to become “Pancake People”, wide but shallow. As you … Continue reading “Google has answers to questions no human being may ever be able to ask.”

Knowledge Dialogue

Knowledge Dialogue. Lilia posts, and several other people pick-up on Lilia’s recent post on “Questions Powering Knowledge”. No doubt about that. Just look at the popularity of FAQ’s as a substitute for more planned communication. A question is (generally on the face of it) an indication of someone wanting to know something. As Jack Vinson … Continue reading “Knowledge Dialogue”

Gurteen – Knowledge – Cynefin – Complexity

Where to start – I have 12 pages of notes from David Gurteen’s 3rd Knowledge Management Conference in London yesterday 3rd March 2004. (Matt Mower has blogged notes too.) The main speakers were David Snowden (IBM / Cynefin) and various advocates and users of the Cynefin framework – Martyn Laycock, Bruce Cronin, Les Johnson, Anabelle … Continue reading “Gurteen – Knowledge – Cynefin – Complexity”

Roger Boscovich

Roger Boscovich (several different spellings) is an 18C Jesuit I regularly mention here as someone whose intuition of a fundamental view of physics probably influenced Mach and hence Einstein – though precious few if any direct references are discoverable. Apart from a few Boscovich enthusiasts and a few web-pages dedicated to him (and Margaret Wertheim’s … Continue reading “Roger Boscovich”