Motivation 3.0 – Pink Does Maslow

Dan Pink’s “Drive” caught on as a best seller in the last couple of years in promoting the concept of “Motivation 3.0”. Of course, the terminology catches the fashion of the internet generation, and good luck if the brief readable book, with its “Toolkit” of ideas does lead to more management catching on in more … Continue reading “Motivation 3.0 – Pink Does Maslow”

Contacting the Sweet Spot

Never been a fan of management metrics – it’s all too easy for lazy managers to measure what is easy to count, and not deal with what really matters. Even Einstein said “not all that counts can be counted”. However this Forbes piece by James Slavet nails five valuable “metrics” worth assessing subjectively – starting … Continue reading “Contacting the Sweet Spot”

Introducing Mary Parker-Follett

I mentioned Mary Parker-Follett to Euan Semple in a comment on one of the posts linked below. Rather than pollute Euan’s blog with some tangential detail, I thought I’d write a longer post here and simply trackback to Euan’s blog. Preamble My agenda takes in some mystical & pragmatic, monist metaphysics, which can seem a … Continue reading “Introducing Mary Parker-Follett”

Mary Parker Follett

Recently read Pauline Graham’s compilation of the works of Mary Parker Follett “The Prophet of Management“. Generally considered by a host of modern management gurus to have written the final word on many important management subjects, back in the 1920’s, when she became well known through her writing, lecturing and consulting. She is often cited … Continue reading “Mary Parker Follett”

Another Closet Philosopher

I blogged a month or so ago about re-discovering management guru Peter Drucker, and being interested to discover his Vienna Circle history. I notice in this post from Piers Young at MonkeyMagic, whilst stumbling across Drucker, he lets slip his first degree in Philosophy. Kept that quiet Piers.