Carlo Rovelli – A Fresh Spin on Fundamental Physics

Interesting to see today’s news on standardisation of units of measure, that time, distance and mass are now to be unified through the Caesium clock with application of the speed of light (c) and Planck’s constant (h). (Hat tip to Jim Al-Khalili on Twitter). Fascinating article in itself, however yet more evidence that the accepted standard … Continue reading “Carlo Rovelli – A Fresh Spin on Fundamental Physics”

Convergence of Computation, Mind and Genetics?

There is certainly a coming together of many related ideas which is very exciting, but there are some implicit assumptions in that “convergence” that blur some details that may not actually be right in any of the three fields. This post is to record a position. The linked paper …. “CONVERGENCE of Neuroscience, Biogenetics and Computing – a convergence … Continue reading “Convergence of Computation, Mind and Genetics?”

#NamingTheIdeology – Charlie Klendjian on Islam vs Islamism @LawSecSoc @LondonHumanists

Thanks to Charlie Klendjian for clarifying his Islam vs Islamism agenda. I witnessed the first delivery of the talk he mentions [and blogged about it here with follow-up here] but couldn’t be at the second talk. The first for me was “all over the place” too unfocussed, and too many topics – freedoms, extremisms, crimes, legal arrangements, sharia, … Continue reading “#NamingTheIdeology – Charlie Klendjian on Islam vs Islamism @LawSecSoc @LondonHumanists”

Hold Your Definition

Blogging after quite a hiatus, more of which in the next post, and reading a first book since October, the two not unconnected. Received Dan Dennett’s “Intuition Pumps – and Other Tools for Thinking” as a Christmas present. No secret here on Psybertron that I’m a big fan of Dennett, and Intuition Pumps is a … Continue reading “Hold Your Definition”

The KM / IM Debate

I don’t really see any worthwhile debate – the buzz of turf-wars may keep the subjects in the headlines, but there is no definitional problem not already adequately sorted by the data > information > knowledge > wisdom stack. (Thanks to David Gurteen’s tweets prompting this post.) Anyone with strong allegiance to any one part … Continue reading “The KM / IM Debate”

Blog and Dennett Update

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve had an enforced hiatus from blogging due to the relocation to Oslo. Two things to note: (1) After doing some essential overhauls just before going offline in the US, I had added a “simpler” previous posts & archives link to the side-bar, and noted slowness in the rendering … Continue reading “Blog and Dennett Update”

Ethical Philosophy Selector

Did this back in 2003. Sam picked up on it recently, and I was prompted to re-do and see how my outlook has changed. Latest Result 1.  Aquinas   (100%)  Information link 2.  Aristotle   (94%)  Information link 3.  Jeremy Bentham   (72%)  Information link 4.  Plato   (71%)  Information link 5.  John Stuart Mill   (55%)  Information link 6.  St. Augustine   (53%)  Information link 7.  … Continue reading “Ethical Philosophy Selector”