Great Books

In between writing, reading and filleting good books on topics of the day as far as my social-knowledge and decision-making research agenda is concerned, I like to catch up on the great books. They’re great books for a reason, and the reason is often timeless. It’s three weeks since I posted for some reason. I … Continue reading “Great Books”

Fetishising Mathematical Models. Economists as The New Astrologers

Interesting piece in Aeon on The New Astrology by Alan Jay Levinovitz. Almost three decades ago, when we were developing training in business information modelling, a colleague once warned me never to forget a model was always a model, however effectively the model fitted its purpose, it wasn’t the actual world we were dealing with. I’d previously already … Continue reading “Fetishising Mathematical Models. Economists as The New Astrologers”

McLuhan’s Next

McLuhan’s Next – Noticed earlier that Paul Kelly had many references to McLuhan, and others who refer to him, Levinson and Postman for example. Recently I’ve been intrigued by the level to which McLuhan’s aphorisms turn up in day-to-day day-job contexts, not least in a recent white-paper by a Canadian day-job colleague. What is it … Continue reading “McLuhan’s Next”