Where After Lila ?

Reading Lila by Robert Pirsig (unfinished)
Carries on where ZMM left off. Will review when finsihed.
“How It Will Be” from Native American Indian perspective
Spotted this poem on Robot Wisdom which is peculiarly apt and spooky wrt Lila.

Also from CounterPunch via RobotWisdom a piece on Western Arrogance, although specifically about Dubya, Afghanistan and the Mid-East in general.

Also via RW this piece from ZDNet on post-Napster stuff.
Relevant because of human peer-to-peer behaviour patterns I believe.

Collecting KM Links

Knowledge Management Links
A whole host of interesting KM theory and related links resulting from a Google search.
Interesting essays, with similar synchronicity between geometry and east / west, subjective / objective knowledge views, plus the Golden Mean Dicussion Group.

e-Biz KM organisation founded by Yogesh Malhotra. Many citations from e-Biz Gurus, major Consultancies and Educational Institutions.

A Knowledge Representation Conference in Toulouse, April 2002. Pepers requested.

A presentation by Andre Soto of ASME concering rational, subjective, transactional, process and cultural knowledge views. Background sought.

Some really formal stuff about knowledge representation using graph symbology for propositional and predicate calculus by Dr Dickson Lukose, Uni of New England.

1997 Paper on “Belief Update in Multi-Agent Systems” by Tad Kellogg and Piotr J. Gmytrasiewicz, Uni of Texas at Arlington. Involves some interesting stuff on Bayesian analysis.

Using Explicit Ontologies in KBS Development, by G. van Heijst A.Th. Schreiber B.J. Wielinga, Uni of Amsterdam.

Remedial Genius by Derek Cabrera. Self promotional web-site focussing on “Knowledge Age Organisations”

Quote : The Association for Integrative Studies serves as an organized voice and a national source of information on integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to the discovery, transmission and application of knowledge. Unquote. Some good links. Stangley hosted by the “Miami Unix Collective” !

1995 Bibliography of Knowledge in Organizations, By Laurence Prusak and Suzanne Connolly, Ernst & Young LLP. Hosted at Bo Newman’s “Knowledge Management Forum” – last updated in 2000.

Information Does Not Equal Knowledge: Theorizing the Political Economy of Virtuality, by Marcus Breen, Uni of North Carolina. Some interesting polical correctness aspects of why information does not equal knowledge.

1996 Information Behaviour : An Interdisciplinary Perspective.A report to the British Library Research & Innovation Centre on a review of the literature, by Professor Tom Wilson and Christina Walsh, of Sheffield Uni, UK.

Abstract of Dimensions in Epistemic Logic : Substantive Rationality and Backward Induction by Joseph Halpern. Hosted by The Danish Network for Philosophical Logic and its Applications. Next conference Oct / Nov 2002.

Rational Philosophy for the Spiritual Quest. Somewhat Jungian perspectives on the whacky web site of Andrew Stanworth. Includes paper on “The Fundamental Particles of Information Processing”. Query Quantum Computing. (Contact made and correspondence on this subject June 2002)

Personal web-site of Sean Gould, Engineer and Amateur Philosopher (like me!). Has published “New Model of Evolution” and is part of the Darwin Web Ring. Also has some interesting philosophical content.

A precis of The Rationality of Metaphor: An Analysis Based on the Philosophy of Language and Communication Theory, by Bernhard Debatin. Ooh good ! now have an external link from model to “metaphor” too. (See metaphor, analogy, model, reality thread.)

Learning and capability stuff and much more by Stan Lester. Private research consultant in Taunton, UK

Broken Link ! Who is R B Jones ?

Reason, Revolution, Relativism, and Reactionaries, by Dr. Charles Ess, Drury Uni. Overtly “religious”, but some key threads on excessive rationality in western dualism.

Physics, Fascism, Judaism and Zen ?

Physics, Fascism, Judaism and Zen ?
Articles and links from New York Review via RobotWisdom
Zen and the Art of Success by Frederick Crewes
Copenhagen Revisited by Michael Frayn
What Bohr Remembered by Thomas Powers
The Nils Bohr Archive
Interestingly East / West Philosophy and Particle / Quantum Physics bump up against Inter-war, WWII and Cold-war politics all over the place. Wittgenstein / Popper biographies and disagreements. Richard Feynman and the Los Alamos / Manhattan project, etc. The influence of Fascism and Judaism on the great minds of the 20th century was immensely significant. Must get the relevant bibliographical reviews published on-line soon.

Rationally Justifying The Criminal

Rationally justifying the Criminal
Counterpunch article “Rotten to the Core” of 20th Feb (via RobotWisdom)
Quote “We’re talking about fraud, corruption, pollution, price-fixing, occupational disease, and bribery. The Chicago [Law] School says these are “externalities” and related fines and penalties should simply be viewed as the “costs of doing business.” Unquote.
Compare deLorean in particular and Argyris in general