Peer to Peer Explosion

Monday November 5 2:00 PM ET Use of Napster-Alternatives Rose in Oct. -WebnoizeLOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Users swapped 1.81 billion media files on Napster (news – web sites)-alternative services like Kazaa, MusicCity and Grokster, which have seen usage rise since Napster shut down in July to legal pressures, a research firm said on Monday. Web … Continue reading “Peer to Peer Explosion”

Scoffing at Autonomy

From: CorporateInfo ( Expert scoffs at Autonomy software Newsgroups: (This is the only article in this thread) | Original Format Date: 2001-08-23 21:49:53 PST At Genentech headquarters today in South San Francisco, there was aseminar on “Metadata & Controlled Vocabularies: What Are they and Whatis their Value?” given by Amy Warner, faculty member in … Continue reading “Scoffing at Autonomy”

Jorn’s Ontology

From: Jorn Barger ( Semantics and NLP Newsgroups: Complete Thread (19 articles) | Original Format Date: 2001-11-05 06:10:02 PST Judging from the replies I got to my recent ‘newsdiff’ posting, itappears university programs in AI are (still) doing an extremely bad jobof covering *semantics*… An unabridged dictionary may have half a million entries. Roget … Continue reading “Jorn’s Ontology”