Convergence of Science and Philosophy of Mind ?

When I saw this picture it said something.(Susan Blackmore and David Chalmers, picture courtesy of David’s archives on the conferences of the Centre for Consciousness Studies, Tuscon, Arizona. That centre is currently run by Stuart Hameroff. David Chalmers, the original director, is back in Canberra, running the ANU Centre for Consciousness.) Interesting review of this … Continue reading “Convergence of Science and Philosophy of Mind ?”

Graham Horton’s Quotations Page

Graham Horton’s Quotations Page. Quotations pages are a bit of a cliche, there are so many of them (and what would we do without Einstein), but this one I thought had so many applicable to novelty and discovery, scientific or otherwise, that I had to link. Herewith a sample, of those most apt … Every … Continue reading “Graham Horton’s Quotations Page”

In Search of the Real University of Chicago

In Search of the Real University of Chicago. Andrew Chrucky runs this site dedicated to “preserving the Hutchins tradition of liberal education at Chicago Uni”, starting with glowing citations from Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell. I blogged Chrucky [and earlier] “Concepts of Persons and Morality” (a paper about the definition of life – from … Continue reading “In Search of the Real University of Chicago”